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10 Tips on How To Have A Successful Job Interview

By Iris Hunter

Iris Hunter

Iris Hunter

Congratulations! You have landed an interview! Now what? If you have ever been on job interview you know that they can be nerve wrecking, especially when you are interviewing for your dream job.

So, what exactly is an interview?

An interview is where an interviewer conducts a formal interview to speak with a potential candidate regarding a specific position in an effort to determine if the individual is qualified to accept the position after asking them both personal and job-related questions.  Interviews can be given by more than one individual and can also be given in-person, over the phone or even through various online programs.  Interviews can last from a few minutes to a few weeks or sometimes even months, depending on the position being filled at a company.

During an interview, you should do your best to explain to the interviewer why you are the best candidate for the position and in order to succeed at proving that you are the ideal candidate, you will need to discuss your key accomplishments and your educational background to let the interviewer know that you are qualified for the job.  If you do not have the experience and/or the education that is ideal for the position, then you need to focus on your transferrable skills and how they can assist you with being successful in the position.

Yes, having a successful interview can be challenging, however, you can be better prepared for an interview if you follow these 10 interviewing tips.

  1. Research the Company
  2. Review Common Interview Questions
  3. Dress for Success
  4. Practice Your Non-Verbal Skills
  5. Arrive Early
  6. Bring A Copy of your Resume, Cover Letter and Reference List
  7. Practice Your Handshake
  8. Make Eye Contact
  9. Speak with Confidence
  10. Ask Job and Company Related Questions


Iris Hunter is the owner of Hunter Freelance Services for more information visit her at www.hunterfreelanceservices.com


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