February 1, 2018

Finding Our Way Home: A Poem By Bluz

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By Bluz We are all journeys trying to find our way home   Wading thru the troubled waters looking out for the bridge And some of us right now are the bridge Carrying over the next generation of Justice seekers Freedom fighters, educators, creators, doctors, farmers, mother’s father’s families communities We are all Stone and Steel, Courage and Passion Standing strong over the troubled waters This city we live in Is landscaped with so many beautiful faces Connected by Pride We survive off the good vibes we give to each other Not only fans of the Panther and Hornets We are fans of handing out  hot meals and blankets to the homeless Habitat for humanity home builders Building up our Pride for the Queen City We aren’t just bankin and racing We are erasing poverty and fighting for equality Until the sun shines on every Charlottean Warming the heart of every human being And the beauty of this city radiates from every face And every space feels like Home Feels we all belong Feel we can all sing the same song…