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Ask Lashawnda: Advice for Everyday People

By Lashawnda Becoats

Becoats 2016

Lashawnda Becoats

People ask me questions everyday. Sometimes it’s because I’m the editor of Pride magazine. Sometimes it’s because they know I’m a certified life coach. Sometimes people follow my fabulous adventures on social media. I love helping people so I decided to create an advice column based on the questions I get. Ask me anything. Hopefully my advice will help you and someone else.

Hey Lashawnda,
Three months ago a good girlfriend stopped talking to me. We didn’t have a fight or disagreement about anything. The last time I saw her, we hung out and had a great time. We even made plans to get together again soon. I reached out to her by phone and text message a few weeks later but she hasn’t responded. I know she’s doing well because we have mutual friends she’s spent time with. What’s the deal? I’m trying not to get in my feelings but I don’t know what else to do.
Where’s My Friend?

Where’s My Friend: It seems shutting down is the new form of communication these days. I’ve been through something similar and initially I got in my feelings too. I wondered if I did something wrong to the person although I knew I had not. If you’ve reached out to your girl then guess what, you’ve done all that you can do. I don’t believe in making excuses for people. Give it some time. In the meantime, don’t take it personally and don’t waste time worrying over something you can’t control.

Hey Lashawnda,
I’m a 34-year old woman who wants to do a few things differently with my health and finances. I’m out of shape and I’m always struggling financially. I hate to admit it but I’ve been slow to change myself because I’m afraid of what my family and friends will think. My friends hate on people who are doing better than they are. Now I’ll be one of those people they talk about. How do I start to get my life together? –Afraid to Change

Afraid to Change: Good job for wanting to live your life differently. Change is hard. At some point you will need to ask yourself “Am I living for myself or for my friends?” You’re responsible for your own well being mentally, physically and spiritually. Stand up for yourself by letting your friends know you’re on a new path. Growing is apart of life and sometimes you out grow people. If your friends can be supportive then you’ll have to find real friends who will. Get started by visualizing what you want, write it down and speak it into existence as much as possible. Remember to stay focused and believe in yourself.

Hey Lashawnda,
I’m finally in a position to start doing some traveling but I’m not sure where to go. What do you suggest? –Ready to Go

Ready to Go: Exciting! Planning a trip can be overwhelming. Here are a few things to consider: 1. Do you want rest and relaxation or to hit the streets and explore a city? 2. Do you like the warm or cold weather? 3. Do you have hobbies such as hiking or culinary skills you’d like to continue develop? 4. Are you nervous about being in a city with a foreign language? After you answered these key questions, grab a map and let your heart wander. If you still can’t decide ask friends, family or co-workers about places they’ve enjoyed. Wherever you decide to go be sure to do as much research as possible, take lots of pictures and enjoy!

Email Lashawnda your questions at lbecoats@gmail.com You can also follow her at Facebook/Instagram: Lashawnda Becoats.


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    17. Herlig! Jeg er med og tar 3 lodd..PÃ¥ sommeren er gamle tekstiler, lin-kopphÃ¥nklær og servietter, gjerne med monogram og markblomster i gamle mugger og kander for meg "Landlig".Utover vinteren er det masser av lys og noen gamle skatter sammen m det, gamle sneller, bøker, nøkler etc.. – og alltid BLONDER :)Ja en skjønn aften!Klem fra Tove

    18. I’m worried, o’Briht’uhn;Poetry requires A LOT of adjectives or synonisms…but we must use at less two or more words for only one idea? Uhmmm… Language is so formal and full of feeling, in the same way. I luv it!!!!! -how Terran of me…-Itaren.And namasté.ZT.

    19. That explanation makes sense, but you'd think there might be more to it than that. Whites in Europe could have been selected for size and quickness as well as the ability to plan through the winter. Even with the use of bows and arrows and catapults etc, size and speed would still have been an advantage.

    20. For everyone who thinks YouTube is the bad guy in all this, here's some of the crap the PRS pulls:Demanding a public performance license from a woman who plays classical radio to her horses.Suing a garage for £200,000 over their mechanics playing the radio loud enough for customers to hear.Taking the Lancashire police to court for having radios on in 34 police stations.Threatening small businesses if music can be heard in the background while on the phone.Insisting a children's charity needs licenses for having a radio in the kitchen and for the kids singing Christmas carols.

    21. If you ask an American bible-thumper why this discrpancy? He or she will look amazed at your ignorance and tell you: “Jewish people are not trying to instill Sharia Law in America!” Simple as that. If you say “AIPAC” they will think you mean “six-pack.”

    22. Stop with all the negative comments. WTH?Nick and Vanessa seem to be classy people so stop hating.I wish them nothing but the best and I know deep in my heart that little boy will be loved so much.Nick has wanted this for a very long time.If you don’t like either one, then why are you reading this clip about them.You’re the douchebag.

    23. John HasselmeierSir, it just so happens I knew Joe Dawson won the race. I also knew about the record he’d held for a long time.Even so, I’d like to give you credit. That was more about Joe Dawson than I knew. Keep up the good work.

    24. well, golly, why don't they stand up for themselves???You know, like Israel does?Why don't the Christians – or anyone – send the Christians guns, or bounty hunters to take out the Boko Haram guys?Is it because, as a Christian guy once told me, it would be a sin to act, instead of letting God do all the work and the saving?During WW2, Christians were some of those active in the resistance to Nazis. Do they do nothing but pray these days?

    25. Esto se sabía ya desde el principio, pero la gente no quiere/no sabe/no tiene oportunidad de enterarse con tiempo y reflexionar acerca de lo que significa. ¿Alguien tiene dudas de por qué se ataca tan directamente al sistema público de enseñanza? Cuanto más ignorante sea la población, mejor para ellos. Un abrazo solidario.

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    27. my!! How Madelyne is changing! And, yes, I do recognize Victoria. It is great that you can be in Sydney and experience all that she is doing. Comment: that camera is getting better and better. Do you have anything to do with that? \\ Dad On Sun 09/23/12 2:29 AM , The Smiths in Oz sent: > WordPress.com > messpot posted: ” Year 6 performed to The Muppet Show theme song at a > recent all-grades extravaganza held last week at Manly West. All > grades performed–even the kindergartners, or “Kindies”! That’s > Victoria, MBD’s archery buddy on the right side–she’s been in previ” >

    28. I am finding more and more if I stop for even a nano second before “reacting” to solve the problem that I think is what I am suppose to do, it can do the miraculous things not only with the 5,3, and 2 year olds I have at home but to the 50, 30 , and 20 somethings that I work with on a daily basis. Good stuff. thanks

    29. “Nothing in the heavens or on earth can induce weakness or impotence in God; indeed, God is all-knowing and all-powerful.” (35:44)The Quran says: “The sun, the moon and the stars are all at His command. Be aware that creation belongs only to God; it is His penetrating command that in its exalted purity creates the world and all it contains.” (7:54)

    30. Eu acho que tanto a liberdade como a igualdade são importantes, porque a liberdade é fundamental para a vida do homem, como pode alguém viver calado e sem poder dizer o que sente e o que pensa.A igualdade também é indispensável na vida do ser humano ,porque para Deus todos são iguais , não é justo que uns tenham mais direitos que outros quando somos da mesma espécie. João Antunes 10ºD

    31. Sad to see another bleeding heart idiot back the Palestinians with blood dripping from their hands. The Palestinians could have peace any time they want by just dropping their desire to destroy Israel. If these people want peace the need to put the presure on the Palestinians to stop backing muderers like Hamas and make peace.

    32. It says “fully … It says “fully automatic” but yet, you need to cut up all the ingredients, and place them into the wok… For me, stir frying is easy… the cutting and washing are the annoying bit…

    33. Until your post, I’d never heard of a vertical marathon (guess you really do learn something new every day!). In fact, the only one I’d ever participate in, is my own personal marathon to get “vertical” and out of bed after being up with kids all night! I admire your tenacity. Good luck to you in your marathon.

    34. I wouldn’t use cetaphil just because of the potentially harmful substances that it has in the ingredients. I prefer to go as natural as possible while still getting the proper nutrients that my skin needs such as Olive Oil and stuff. But I am a guy so I don’t spend too much time on this subject. I just have been looking into it because my skin was looking very dry/bad and I wanted to get healthier. Using bad chemicals on your skin can’t be healthy. That’s why I started to use things like Olive Oil.

    35. Rebonjour !Oula 14 pour le référencement avancé, vous êtes sûr que vous aurez 1000 billets sur ce sujet ?Moi je verrais plutôt juste quelques rappels des règles basiques, quelques cas de blacklistage en cas de non-respect des CGU ( cf. John Chow ), parler sur quelques sources de trafic etc…

    36. Greg in Indy9 June 2011Two things: the U.S. should provide an express service for musical ledgends that want to tour in the states. Secondly, it is great to have John write these entries, its the best behind scenes insight a fan could hope for.

    37. Hm, das ist gar nicht so einfach zu sagen. Auf jeden Fall finde ich die Stirb-Langsam-Reihe toll, und Keine halben Sachen 1 und 2. Sin City darf auch nicht fehlen. In Sixth Sense war er auch super. Und dann wäre da noch The Kid. Twelve Monkeys fand ich doof, was aber daran liegen könnte, dass ich noch recht jung war, als ich den gesehen habe.

    38. That is a pretty serious running plan. I like that you changed it up to a schedule that you can keep instead of something that is too tough to stick with, which ultimately burns you out. That is a lot of fast food. Good idea cutting that out. I never feel good after eating fast food then running.

    39. 1. C’était de l’humour.2. Les femmes aussi se plaignent de cet état de fait, et je répondait aux commentaires précédents.3. Je suis un spécialiste de l’hyper-complexité, crois-moi, j’en ai vu de tous les genres, jusqu’au surréalisme…

    40. Ang – What a beautiful picture of Gray! Can’t wait to see the rest. It’s about time that the Allens had a professional session (HA) and at the beach (a favorite spot, great FL light!). Lyndsay, Jod was so excited to meet you and your family, and to have the great opportunity to shoot you. Thanks for the peek!August 11, 2009 – 5:03 am

    41. Et bien pour moi, la grande première du toit est une réussite.On me traitera de consommateur, mais j’ai réellement aimé les conditions visuelles de ce match, surtout une fois que la nuit est tombée. Au niveau de la lumière, on peut pas faire mieux.En revanche, c’est clair que les joueurs transpiraient comme des boeufs. Sinon, c’est Murray qui a dit que ca avait ralenti les conditions de jeu? C’est un point intéressant, ca. Un toit pour Federer-Karlovic?

    42. Great job andrew! I want to second albert- come join our tough mudder team! Itll be a great time and an opportunity to put some of your hard work to use outside the gym. Hope to see more names on the list soon. If you’re nervous about it feel free to come talk to me anytime.

    43. Problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!If someone inadvertently uses that bubble view in full screen and minimized the window with that video playing in ANOTHER users video window that could get that user flagged/banned unjustly.Problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    44. So, I think I have a theory as to why Jacob wears only cutoffs after he turns werewolf. See, since shirts get ripped apart by the fursplosion, clearly pants would also be too form-fitting, leading to tween-unfriendly total nudity. Cutoffs, of course, lacking the bottom half of the legs, neatly side-step this problem. My friend and I were discussing — do you think Taylor Lautner had to take steroids to get so buff? I hope not.

    45. anon 0;45,syabas dan TAHNIAH kerana kau serba tahu dari A to Z. Tapi TAKZIAH kerna kau tidak tahu apa-apa tentang 01 to 010. Saya amat bersimpati, kau ni bukan saja mangsa penyelewengan fakta tapi juga mengsa penyelewengan fatwa.Nak belajar berenang pergilah ke kolam, jangan asyik hafal teori renang dalam kepala saja. Nanti sekali ke kolam PLOP! gaya batu…takut nanti tak timbul-timbul lagi.

    46. « Et je me répète : la vie et rien d’autre » — Louis | le 17 juin 2011 à 13:21 Celle de qui ? La vôtre ? Celle de vos parents ? De votre femme ? De vos gosses ?Êtes-vous certain de mourir au combat ? Quid si vous avez x% risques de survivre ? Contre y% risques pour vos proches de subir un sort misérable, éventuellement la mort ?Quel dommage, toute une morale en une ligne, c’était si élégant…

    47. nov28Bel Jake e Leo PARABÉNS!! Ficou td lindo…o trabalho do André é maravilhoso e realsou ainda mais a felicidade de vcs nesse dia tão especial….André vc tbm será o fotógrafo do meu casamento rs.Felicidades aos noivosBeijo BEL

    48. Thanks! I have never had the chance to see them in a theatre setting either. I would love to though! Seeing them in their full and intended glory would be amazing. Metropolis is great, as well. (I plan on including that one in another installment of this post.)

    49. 'Change we can believe in,' I didn't say, 'Change we can believe in tomorrow.' Not 'Change we can believe in next week.' We knew this was going to take time." When presidents talk like that, they're saying: This isn't working. One fact emerged rather starkly during the crisis, and it will likely have implications in the coming year. It is that the president misunderstands himself as a political figure.Specifically, he misunderstands his rhetorical powers. He thinks they are huge. They are not. They are limited.

    50. Scusate la mia ignoranza, potete dirmi come mai la bandiera americana sulla Luna ondeggia come se ci fosse vento? Grazie mille!non si sa! da Kubrik fino all'ultimo best boy tutti giurano e spergiurano di non aver lasciato nessuna porta o finestra apertamistero!

    51. I think House definitely deserves the award. The cast its so great, the storyline its just brilliant and Hugh Laurie does a great job playing House. I don’t think there’s other character as complex as House on tv so Hugh can win all the times he wants and it will still being fear. My Congratulations to the cast and crew too!

    52. nothing about Fancher “descendants [trying] for years to be granted access to these mass graves to properly honor and bury their dead,” as Rocky claims. In fact, it says that the largest organization of Mountain Meadows descendants aren’t asking for anything but “reconciliation, love and forgiveness.”Did I read the same article you did? Or perhaps you read it with your “Mormon Priesthood murderers” glasses on….

    53. Three Best things … Three Best things in the World for me now:]:]:]:]:]:]:]1. Tony——My boyfriend!2. 99NFL. com–the Cheapest NFL site!3. the video above—- the most ironical and interesting video I think:]:]:]:]:]:]:]:]:] Was this answer helpful?

    54. Nom,If you want people to hear your message, and be wary of you, wearing Boston area sporting gear should show just the right amount of mental instability to instill fear. 🙂

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    56. Aww back problems are never fun 🙁 If it doesn't feel like it's releasing maybe go see the doctor and see if they can adjust your back. Do hope you feel better soon, there are stranger things that throw out one's back than yawning 🙂 My dad once threw out his picking up a sock.

    57. Heidijoy / Great Interview!! We are so glad you did Nandito Ako also which led to Forevermore OPM album!! Thank YOu Thank You Thank You…………..and YES WE WILL BE HERE….YOU will not be starting over. Bless Your Heart!! Godspeed!!

    58. Yes, it does, and as best I can tell, your distinction is coecrrt.You still should not care. You can measure direct traffic as well as anyone else. Track back / ping back is usually spam, and when it isn’t, you don’t care, because you can already see it. It was a good idea that failed under the hooves of spammers. Email only works because people actually care about it, and it is kind of a bitch to make work, these days. Nobody cares about track backs.

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    60. I am on round 3 and tried this both ways; starting the round with the chain 2 as the first dc and starting the round with the chain 2 with a dc in the starting dc (2 stitches in the first dc). Both ways has this round ending up with 39 stitches. Is this where everyone else is getting an extra stitch in following rows? although everyone has said previous to row 5 has the correct # of stitches. Just wondering.

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    67. I’ve always disliked the term “miscarriage” because it sounds as though mama is somehow at fault–she mis-carried the baby. She dropped him/her?? It’s better than the technical medical term of “abortion,” but it’s still not great.But it’s the term we have, so I have stuck to it, with the thought that first we need to get people to be aware and considerate…and THEN we can tackle changing terminology.After all, people of color had to get their rights before we learned to stop calling them ‘colored’ or ‘negro’ or ‘indian’…

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    70. >>Helena svarar alla: Tusen tack för alla era snälla kommentarer! Jag blir bara gladare och gladare för den fina responsen på Fototriss! Det här projektet måste jag definitivt fortsätta med =)

    71. You’re absolutely right, Sacha. Remote javascript is download by the browser at the request of the page being served by your web server. The server’s only job is to tell the browser, “Hey, get this from over there.”My verbage was simply a typo, consequence of a train of thoughts getting smashed together while writing the post. I’ve changed the entry, and thanks for pointing it out.

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    77. Rachel,No disrespect to your rabbi but it seems odd studying the quran and Torah. Unless there's some Halacha about knowing your enemy as a form of defeating an enemy of the Jewish people, but IMO the Torah and most likely the Talmud have more than enough examples on how to defeat our enemies militarily and otherwise.I am confused but again, I don't know her rationale and don't understand it. Crazy but when I think of the Torah I kept an image of pure white snow. The Quran? Those black, vapor like demons in the movie Ghost.

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    83. A pensarci bene è l'idea del concorso che turba. E' meglio giudicare le ragazze in base alla forma del loro posteriore o in base ai loro principi morali? Mah, a me turbano entrambe le cose. Posso capire un concorso in cui bisogna esibire qualcosa che si sa fare (cantare, ballare, suonare…), ma come si fa a esibire cosa si è? Elena

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    87. .Matthew 7“1. Judge not, that ye be not judged”Regarding *HYPOCRITICAL JUDGMENT* when we have a BIGGER beam in our own eye than the mote in someone else’s*BUT He also said,15 Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.16 Ye shall know them by their fruits.20 Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.

    88. Merci de m’avoir apportées vos lumières concernant les différences entre MDMA et LSD.Mais….. MDMA et LSD ont été utilisé de la même façon…..et fabriqué pendant les mêmes périodes.. par les Allemands…..d’ou ma confusion.Je ne me sens pas ridicule d’avoir fait cette confusion sur des drogues, au moins, cela m’aura permis de le savoir que la différence est….. dans la structure de la molécule.Merci les savants

    89. Dear Barbara,I’ve known a few vets who seem to be very torn between feelings of guilt and the praise that our society gives them. They don’t seem to be able to resolve this contradiction in their own minds, and I think the confusion leads to depression, addiction, and suicide. Of course, trauma is a big part of this. But I have seen many veterans struggle with their intuitive feelings of guilt, and society telling them that they should be proud of what they did.

    90. Hih, tämä oli hauska postaus. Jos sulla on joskus aikaa Helsingin reissuilla, niin tuuhan käymään kahvilla eduskuntatalolla. Siellä on hyvät bongausapajat 😉 Laita vaan viestiä, jos kiinnostaa, niin homma järjestyy varmasti. Ja ihan uskomatonta, että näit noin monta tuttua naamaa yhdellä reissulla O_o

    91. Ha ha ha I love your disclaimer! 😀 You look soooo stunning & I love that skirt, I remember when you first got it thinking that's so you 🙂 Your makeup is so pretty too…I haven't received my box yet I wonder will I get the same things… xoxoxo

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    99. , Candy hit the mark when she said we have responsibilities, but those responsibilities include telling the truth (I've never been keen on the dies-by-wave-of-magic-wand thing, but of course for younger readers – if someone has to die – there's no other way one can really address it).I think catdownunder also nails it with the comment we should 'challenge but not destroy' readers' comfort zones.vh, I haven't read Nicholas Dane, but will do.And Bill, yes – it's good that we stay constantly aware. That's an interesting question about male reactions v female, by the way…

    100. Currently building this very kit. Overall very good pity the instructions do not have an English translation and a lack of stowage so went for the Legends kit. Thought the detail on the stowage box is a little limited compared to the Ultracast set for the Canadian version, but as mine is a NZ vehicle (actually aimed as a donation to the army museum) I used the kit parts.Will do others perhaps another firefly as a Coldstreams Guards vehicle or a canadain one.

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    103. Como dices no es nada fácil pero al mismo tiempo creo que es un desafío muy estimulante, y al final no debe haber nada más satisfactorio que el que los resultados acompañen. En cualquier caso, me viene muy a propósito el post porque nos vamos a embarcar en un proceso 'global' que va a requerir de mucho esfuerzo y de las habilidades de "mano izquierda" que mencionas. Me alegro de que hayas superado la pereza para escribir y gracias por ilustrarnos en algo tan complejo. Un abrazo.

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    107. 55 – Veto “In my opinion, dumping this shadow inventory onto the market will be the trigger that makes prices collapse.”In my opinion, it ain’t gonna happen. At least it is not happening in CA… They have been gradually letting inventory onto the market here and controlling the pricing by doing so. If they really let them all hit at once, it would be a disaster. I see no reason to believe the current scheme will change. Sure I could be wrong – just my opinion.

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    112. What appalls me most is liberals’ willingness to talk about how great it is to tax other people’s money — like your knee-jerk presupposition, CJ Douglass, that you know more about what Joe should be doing with his money and its taxes than he does. Pretty awful stuff.

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    116. I too have Don’t Look At Me Syndrome, so I feel you.I don’t know what I will do without your blog as inspiration! Because of LND I started incorporating more meatless meals, which in turn forced me to rethink everything. Perhaps you can add another themed dinner? Meatless Monday, Asian Tuesday, Pickled Wednesday…?

    117. Ez a poszt a top3-ban benne van! Nem is tudok választani, pedig nem vagyok oda a túldíszes dolgokért a falon. A nap szimbólummal így feldolgozva ráadásul ilyen alaposan még nem láttam! (az első kép gyertyatartója a nonplusultra:)

    118. So cute! It looks like they had a relaxing vacation, too :)I haven't heard of SantaThing…maybe something to look into for next year, but for now I'm happy just participating in the Holiday Swap.

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    120. You crack me up… Dogg poo and maggots? so sickening! ha-haI agree with the above comment.. keep trying, and you will be a pro before you know! Hey–I rhymed! :)I have a cakestand fettish too! I use them for SOOO many things besides cakes too! They are lovliness, and yes.. we are kindred spirits in some ways!Thanks for your comments the last couple of days! I hope you have a happy time with the family, and the load of bricks doesn’t kill ya… 🙂

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    130. Hm. If this was something I was writing as a story, the twist might be that the youtube clips with the dubbed dialogue which started the whole thing (or were used as the excuse) were made by an agent of some terrorist organization like al-Qaeda. Njah, probably not. Would make a good story, though.

    131. Ooh – good forum links, Nathan! I haven't been able to stop by the Bransforums in a while, but I should make an effort now that it's summer and all my TV shows are on hiatus.And I'm so glad to see that you love Calvin and Hobbes – although, really, there's no excuse not to love Calvin and Hobbes.Have a great weekend!

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    137. Kia ora Bob, Great story. An area I would love to see and a pub I would love to have a few at! I couldn’t resist reading the Mick Bowie book this weekend, and a thoroughly enjoyable book it is. It occured to me that Mick fit so many of the qualities you suscribe to a great leader. And he did a lot of climbs! He must have had a massive presence about him.Cheers,Robb

    138. Förr hade brevbärarna, och kanske även tidningsutdelarna, en värdighet i sin yrkesroll och en neutralitet – det betyder att de ska dela ut det som nÃ¥got lagt pÃ¥ postlÃ¥dan eller betalt för att delas ut – de ska inte ta ställning till vad det är, som nÃ¥gra gjorde när ett visst parti/samfund ville ha broschyrer utdelade inför valet i höstas… Som sagt, sorgligt, och allt hänger sammans med annat!

    139. Speaking as a father four times over, I can say that my experiences with pregnancy sex were mostly great. The hormones were raging, and she was more into the idea of intimacy. But there were dry spells too. The morning sickness was bad, the uncomfortable/bloated/not-sexxy feelings were there too. But throughout the nine months, I’d say at least 5 of them were fantastic. You just gotta take the good, take the bad, take ‘em both and there you’ll have the facts of life.

    140. I couldn’t resist posting the first thing that came to mind. Despite my affinity for shiny, lightweight road bikes with carbon/plastic parts, I really do like Rivendell. In fact, I would love to have a Quickbeam with about a foot of seatpost exposed (I would at least use an aluminum seatpost instead of carbon, so no heart attacks please). Seriously though, even though I don’t agree with everything in it, The Rivendell Reader is one of the best bike publications around.

    141. En helt enkel t-shirt er også på min ønskeseddel, og helst mange af slagsen ;)MÅ lige spørge.. Har du haft lungebetændelse en hel mdr??? Uha jeg bliver lidt svedt nu. Har nemlig i mandags fået oplyst at jeg har lungebetændelse, og jeg har det søreme ikke godt. Troede at jeg ville komme hurtigt tilbage, men indtil videre kan jeg ikke mærke medicinens virkning. Hmm Nå, men jeg håber da bestemt at du er ved at få kræfterne tilbage igen nu. Fortsat god dag og venlig hilsenHenriette

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    143. The fed is irrelevant. The carry trade fueled this insanity. This is now unwinding and it will continue for many months, even years. The fed’s only charter right now is to bail out the banks, steepen the yield curve. A new carry will be created, borrowing short and lending long. However, the fed only controls one side of the equation, short term rates. What will the bond vigilante’s have to say regarding the long end as we move forward?

    144. Professor Dawkins’ readers are not concerned about the Anabaptists, the Arians, the Monophysites, the Nestorians, or any such obsolete sectI’m not sure that obsolete is the correct term, since there are still Monophysites in the world, mostly in the Middle East (Oriental Orthodoxy), and I believe there are even pockets of Nestorians here and there.

    145. when i started to read Incarceron by Catherine Fisher it took me long before i actually got into the book .. the first couple of chapters was confusing and i didn't know what to think of it …i actually was about to stop reading the book but my friends was telling just read a bit more and so i did and i really enjoy it

    146. The more things like this happen, depending of course on how government responds, the more it appears that native Britons are suffering from a persecution not unlike that visited upon the Coptic Christians in Egypt. Don't dismiss this comparison outright as hyperbole. Give the comparison some thought.

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    153. What I’ve learned about you and what I admire most is that when you set your mind to a goal, you achieve it! You are a true “say it and claim it” woman—-no joke! One of my friends gave me the “Core Rhythms” workout DVDs. The ones the ballroom dancers made that are supposed to work your core while standing. Haven’t tried them yet (grounded to the treadmill/elliptical until Jan), but they’re supposed to rock.

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    157. The only draw back to the "Sailer Strategy" is that it would drastically increase racial politics since it would force the GOP to become the "White People's Party" and by default also force the Dems to become the "Non-White People's Party."The Democrats are already the non-white people's party or, more specifically, the anti-white gentile party. If the GOP is going to survive it will have to become the pro-white gentile party.

    158. Bon bon, j’avouerai que notre conversation n’est pas «éclatée», mais je la trouve très constructive!Merci encore pour nos débats virtuels, nous qui, en personne, parlons souvent d’AUTRE chose p.s. merci pour tes bons commentaires! je te renvoie ces fleurs!coudonc y’est ben téteux mon post !!!

    159. I am with you on thinking about vitamins until I am actually at the store…and then forget to buy any. I know that I need them and definitely do not get daily allowances for many things through my regular diet. Thanks for the post. It gives me more incentive to take my vitamins and try and be more healthy. I have added vitamins to my list! Woooohooo!

    160. Woo ArisanI probably shouldn’t publicly confess that I used to stop by there to get a bucket of takeaway fried chicken… I’ve got to agree that the spicy one isn’t as spicy as it probably should be. Might as well order the soy one.

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    167. Je ne pense pas que ce soit foncièrement une mauvaise chose, Disney ce n’est pas que les dessins animés et les poneys qui font des pipi arc en ciel hein On ne touche pas une saga aussi épique que Star Wars l’est, trop de risques encourus. Les actionnaires ne seraient pas content, surtout avec l’investissements qu’ils viennent de faire.Voilà j’attends dans l’expectative de voir ce qu’ils vont nous pondre, mais j’ai hâte de voir ça.

    168. The Sex-Pistols could mock the Monarchy in the UK and it was somehow "protected" free speech……This gentleman makes a valid criticism of Islam and it's effects in the Netherlands and is hauled before a Court for Hate Speech!Where has the freedom of speech gone in Europe? Where has the "freedom" NOT to be offended been enshrined in any countries Constitution?I think it was Voltaire who had something to say on the subject……….

    169. Eu poderia chamar todos os nomes adjectivantes às tres figuras do post, mas será que eles estão com Alzheimer? É que eu não iria dizer nada que eles não sabem já que são.Um parece um basbaque, o outro a seguir deve estar a rir-se ou dele próprio, ou do que tem ao lado, e que me perdõe o "Avô Cantigas", não é que o tal parece mesmo o Cantigas!E são estas tristes figuras que opinam sobre o nosso país?Ao que tu chegaste Portugal!

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    172. pz la verda si esta mui bueno el trabajo, agradecerle a usted y a mr x por el envio de este blog, ojala siga enviando algo mas de sus enseñansas para no caer en las manos de una mujer y saber totalmente dominarlasse les agradece

    173. Travailler sans obédience c’est comme suivre la messe en gommant le Vatican, ou faire de la politique sans gouvernement… ça s’appelle la « dictature du prolétariat » ! Bon d’accord, c un peu poussé, mais quand même. Il y a des castes et des religions qui se passent de relais « hiérarchiques », on voit ce que ça donne, ou plutôt ce que ça bombre !

    174. Hola John. La realidad es que las culturas antiguas (y la hebrea era una de ellas) fueron las que crearon a sus dioses a imagen y semejanza suya (y de sus concepciones morales). Lo patético hoy dia es que a pesar de que la sociedad en general (en teoría) no es como la gente de esa época, aun sigamos (en términos generales) creyendo en estos dioses inventados y actuando conforme a lo establecido por esos sacerdotes y religiosos de la prehistoria (apoyados por sus sucesores político-religiosos durante siglos). Saludos.

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