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A Life of Service and Gratitude

By Steffi Travis When you first meet Unetta Moore, there is instant camaraderie. She possesses an infectious smile and humble, inviting demeanor. Her hearty laugh shows her keen sense of humor and ability to dissolve tension. She describes herself as a perceptive “people-person” who is happiest when helping others to thrive and reach their potential.…

Discovery Place Education Studio Provides New Approach to Education

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By Kallan Louis School may have been out for the summer, but class was in session for dozens of educators in June and July, when they participated in the Summer Leadership Institute at Discovery Place Education Studio uptown. There were five four-hour open registration courses, providing hands-on experience on topics including “3D Printing and Design” and “Robotics and Coding.” “The whole focus of Summer Leadership Institute is how do we take any random teacher from any random school, and give them the opportunity to get the full depth of experience that we would normally provide to a full school or district over the course of a year, in four days,” said Doug Thompson, senior manager at the Education Studio.…