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Create A Home Gym + Workouts


By Elizabeth Colen

There are four items you should have to get a whole body workout at home. These items can be relatively inexpensive and help you create a


Resistance bands with or without handles – You can get resistance bands from anywhere and most likely you already have one at home. Different colors represent different strengths so pay attention to the colors. Here’s a workout that you can do that will get those legs and arms toned. (I use the resistance bands with handles.)

What to do: Squat /Curl Combo

Stand with your feet hip width apart on the resistance band palms facing upward. Squat and curl arms up. Release arms (uncurl) and stand tall at the same time.   When you are doing your squat make sure your butt is pushed out, chest tall and shoulders back and square. The primary muscles used while doing a squat are your quadriceps and hamstrings but you get a bonus on those glutes (Booty). The biceps curls are working that large muscle in the front of your arms.

Recommend: 3-5 sets, 5-20 reps

  shutterstock_316459391Equipment: Dumbbells – Get a set of weights that fit your fitness level. I don’t care if they are those pretty pink ones or the black ones that shows you mean business. Just make sure they are the right size for you. If you have never lifted weights before in your life you may want to start with lighter weights 2-5 pounds. If you have lifted before but not consistently, you may want a set anywhere from 5-15 pounds. You can always go heavier, but if you are wanting to tone use a lighter weight and do more reps. If you want to bulk up use heavier weights and do less reps. Here is a shoulder work out you can do with your dumbbells. I tend to do lighter weights (5 pounds) when I do shoulders because I have shoulder issues, but most people’s shoulder muscles are weak because we seldom isolate them.

What to do: Lateral Raises – Stand with your feet hip width apart and your dumbbells are resting on the side of your thighs, palm facing thighs.   Raise your arms straight out to the side slow and controlled and stop at shoulder height (hold for 3 seconds). Bring your arms back down to the starting point, just as slow and controlled as you brought them up. You will feel the burn.

Recommend 3-5 sets, 5-20 reps

shutterstock_244195810Equipment: Stability Ball – You need a stability ball in your life. You can use this ball for so many exercises. The key is to select the right size for you. The easiest way to do this is the shorter you are the smaller the ball size (55cm), the taller you are the larger the ball (75cm). The most common size is (65cm) which is for the average height women. When you have the correct size you should be able to sit on it comfortably with your knees at the right angle.

What to do: The Exchange (Ab workout)

Lay down flat on your back with your legs in a “V” shape and have your arms above your head holding the stability ball. (You can use a mat or towel if you like) Bring the ball and legs up at the same time. Take the ball between your legs and go back down. (Now the ball is between your legs). Bring your legs and arms up again and make the switch back to arms. You are focusing on your abs but you are also working the whole body as well as.

Recommend: 3-5 sets, 5-20 reps

shutterstock_108737405Equipment: Jump Rope – Cardio time. All you need is a jump rope you don’t have to have anything fancy but again it is up to you. There are several different types of jump ropes out there weighted, nylon, plastic and even ones that count your jumps for you.   You name it they’ve got it, but remember choose one that fits your fitness level. A great way to get that heart rate up and burn calories is to simply jump rope for at least 10 minutes. Here are a few ways to get the best out of your workout.

What to do: Tabata Training

Recommend: Try 30 seconds on and 10 seconds off for about 15 to 30 rounds. Make it fun, single leg jump, ski jump, cross over, double jump or just pretend you are a boxer. Remember jump for at least 10 minutes, but hey don’t let me stop your fun, you can go 20 – 30 minutes or even an hour.

Congratulations! You have now worked your entire body plus got your cardio on all in the privacy of your own home.

Get more information about Elizabeth Colen, confidence and conditioning coach on www.msfitone.com.


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