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It’s OK to Travel Alone

By Lashawnda Becoats

This year, I went to Amsterdam to see the world-famous rainbow-colored tulips at Keukenhof Gardens. They were everything I imagined. I loved Amsterdam, but Brussels was the star of this story.

There would be no story if two of my girlfriends hadn’t backed out on our planned trip to Jamaica more than a decade ago.

I was crushed, but I went to Jamaica alone.

I had never done anything like that before. I had an unbelievable time. I luxuriated on the beach. I explored the island with an island boy. I learned not to wait to travel based on someone else.

Until the Jamaica trip, the idea of traveling alone seemed daunting. Traveling alone has made me a better person. Navigating new environments alone has made me more courageous, self-confident and independent. When I travel to non-English speaking countries, it makes me humble and grateful. I have to rely on strangers to help me do simple things, such as ordering off a menu or giving a cab driver directions in another language.

After each trip, I return to Charlotte more patient and empathetic toward people from other countries.

This year was no different. I took a two-hour train ride from Amsterdam to Brussels, where Dutch and French are the primary languages.

I don’t speak a lick of either. I couldn’t resist the idea of Belgian chocolate, Belgian fries, Belgian waffles and fruit-flavored Belgian beer.

I had to read street maps that were written in French and ride buses with signage that was written in Dutch. The bus drivers were patient as I tried to figure out where I was going. Strangers saw the lost look on my face and helped me out.

And you know what? I drank a grape Lambic beer, ate a Belgian waffle, Belgian fries and scarfed down some Belgian chocolate in one day. My stomach is still mad at me.

Guess who’s coming to dinner

Photo 1In Brussels, my adventure started with a family from whom I rented a room. The couple was very friendly and we hit it off immediately. I loved their young son and daughter. On my first day, they invited me to join them on a day trip to visit Hallerbos Forest.

When we arrived at the forest, I almost fainted. The sight of millions of tiny blue flowers looked like something from a fairy tale. The bluebell flowers appear for a couple of weeks, then die. The forest was so beautiful and the air was so pure.

We explored the forest, took pictures and had a picnic. I thanked God for the breathtaking experience. The trip to the forest with my Brussels family was another reminder to trust my instincts.

Later that night, the couple invited me to a dinner party for one of their friends who was moving to Paris. When we arrived, I never expected to walk into a house filled with about 30 Black people. You don’t see a lot of Black people in Belgium!

I met women who were expats from Chicago, Maryland and Alabama. We laughed, ate, danced and talked for hours about everything from natural hair to traveling to exotic places. Our experiences mirrored each others’ so much that we decided to keep in touch. I still talk to them on Facebook. The instant camaraderie we shared was one of the best nights I’ve ever had abroad.

The only criterion I had on this journey was to stay safe and open to all the possibilities. I went to Brussels and Amsterdam alone, but I was never lonely. I shared fabulous solo experiences and good times with new friends.

Lashawnda’s Travel Tips

  • I carry a small travel notebook. I always write the address where I’m staying in case I get lost or my cell phone battery dies. I use this information to show a taxi driver so I can get back to my lodging safely.
  • Be sure your credit/debit card has a embedded chip in it before you travel. Businesses in most countries no longer take credit/debit cards without embedded chips.
  • Carry a cell phone charger (and the universal plug adapter), battery booster or spare batteries with you while you’re out exploring the city.
  • Be sure to keep a copy of your passport and email a copy of your passport and travel itinerary to yourself and someone who you trust in case of an emergency.
  • Leave expensive jewelry, handbags and accessories at home. Don’t attract unnecessary attention.
  • Pickpockets (one word) are real. Be aware of your surroundings, especially in tourist areas and on public transportation.


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    15. up on the Education topic. At the end you mentioned that kids are being taught to regurgitate information. True, but (to get a bit political for a moment) I think in many cases it is worse than that. They are trained to MINDLESSLY regurgitate CERTAIN information. For example, Global warming (stopping there to avoid can-of-worm-itis. Teaching kids to learn on their own is the LAST thing that certain people want–that makes them much harder to control/sell to/manipulate/vote-buy/etc.It’s a real shame.Current score: 0

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    41. wmeyer, I think you hit the nail on the head. While it may seem frivolous, I think it’s true that those orders who still wear the habit, and have remained faithful to the teachings of the Church are flourishing. Case in point, the Dominican’s at St. Cecelia’s in Nashville. They have many vocations every year, and have had to expand to accommodate all the new sisters. In contrast, those who wear street clothes are dying out. The average age of these orders is close to retirement age for many folks!

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    13. My heart is breaking. I ask why? I loved his performances and beauty both inside and out. Why God(or) would take this beautiful person from us bewilders me. To me, he had to fight from the start of life and to the end. He gave so much to my life I wish we could have given him his.He is very sadly missed. Much love to his family and children.Connie

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    23. And of COURSE you are racist. Everyone is, it’s just a matter of degree. You can be certain that when someone stoops to sticking you with any pejorative label that they don’t have the intellectual depth to make a useful argument so they settle for something easy.

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    25. Scusa Licia, se cambio argomento, ma ti volevo chiedere: quando uscirà il 4° libro della “ragazza drago”? e, quando uscira un libro come le “creature del mondo emerso” solo dedicato alle leggende del mondo emerso?Non lo so proprio.:)

    26. Skulle vara kul att se hur du har fått till det i vardagsrummet? Hoppas att man får se det snart? Undrar oxå vart du har köpt lyktan som står i fönstret i köket? Kram

    27. holocaust stories are great tearjerkers, here is a typical example:and i will never stop hearing the squealing of burnt babies and anguished cries of mothers, 2+2=1.17cos63, as they dragged my 70 year old grandmother having stolen her crutches, 2+2=1 cup kosher cream-cheese, my kindly yeshiva teacher blindly groping his way in smashed glasses, 2+2=nobel peace prize …most people grab their hankies, i grab my calculator.

    28. Ez olyasmi, mint régen a szomszéd garázsában, ahova átszaladtál csavarhúzóért, meglátni a pucér nős falinaptárakat. Diszkréten nem veszel róla tudomást, de ahhoz kevés, hogy igazán zavarba hozzon, és ahhoz elég idegen szférához tartozik, hogy megalázó legyen.De azért meghittebb lenne a világ ilyen otrombaságok nélkül. Meg fura, hogy más nő meg örömmel tárgyiasul, hát ez van.

    29. Oj vilken rolig tävling Fastän vi har bott i vÃ¥rt nya hem redan i lite över ett Ã¥r, känns det absolut inte som att det är ”färdigt”. Vi har i princip bara flyttat in alla möbler frÃ¥n gamla lägenheten hit och allt kanske inte helt passar in heller. Det känns helt enkelt lite halvfärdigt alltihopa och jag skulle behöva hjälp med att ”se” vad som skulle förbättra situationen.

    30. AUF leader Eskil Pedersen has not read the report yet, but is clear about his conclusionHe thinks the whole question whether immigrants give a plus or a minus in the accounting is – Norway shall comply with our obligations to refugees no matter the costs.

    31. tak salah die menolak samad sebab kite memang digalakkan mencari bakal suami yang mempunyai harta, agama, ilmu, rupa, dan latar belakang yang baik. persoalannya, perluke sampai nak menghina samad tu?n, bukannya die mengemis atau merompak. the way she talked proved that she really underestimate samad’s ability. kalau betul samad propa, that girl shouldn’t show her stupidity and arrogance to the whole world. Yeah, life MUST go on, but when the time comes, it will stop and everything in this world will be left behind.

    32. #36 JC: I thought it was high too at 400K, but a far cry from where it sold at 485K at the peak. I don’t think it is worth more than 350k., and also not crazy about a corner property.Also saw one on mls at Calvin St inside pictures look decent, although dated. Also looking at Park Ridge and Montvale, but very little inventory in both towns. WT will probably be more doable since we would like to get the process moving.

    33. fala isso segunda no jogo aberto manda um abraço pro neto tambem e para renata fan linda ñ perco um programa vejo todos os dias sou de igarapava sp devia começar o debate as 11.30o tempo aqui e pouco começa 12.30 ate as 13.00 queria que tivesse mais tempo vcs comentão muito bem

    34. Random question- With respect to the fact situation that you have given at the end, won't anyone who copies the contents of this blog have a defence that the disputed content falls under 'academic content' which can be shared under the prevailing Information Technology laws in India?

    35. "PIP" was also used in pharma, and is as Orwellian and humiliating a term as can be, like something from grade school. Of course, the term "human RESOURCES" itself is dehumanizing.The net effect of this terminology and treatment is demoralization, except to those who drink the kool aid (i.e., are deluded). As I've written on these pages before, demoralized and deluded employees are not the path to productivity and prosperity. See my post "" for more on that issue.– SS

    36. Лис Це в людини проба пера… проте, якщо і надалі наполягатиме на анархії- в українському гніздечку йому не місце.


    38. Widzicie to wzruszenie ramion? Widzicie. Wiec jako ten „przewrażliwiony” mogÄ™ powiedzieć że mam gÅ‚Ä™boko w poważaniu wszelkie problemy demograficzne. KiedyÅ› jak pamiÄ™tacie nawet coÅ› tam usiÅ‚owaÅ‚em popiskiwać, ale cienko i bez animuszu, co zresztÄ… natychmiast zostaÅ‚o przykryte wielkimi problemami, zwiÄ…zanymi ze strategiami wielkiej polityki. W efekcie zmiotÅ‚o mnie z wiÄ™kszoÅ›ci blogów, czego nie żaÅ‚ujÄ™ i nawet mi to zdolność wÅ‚aÅ›ciwego widzenia rzeczy przywróciÅ‚o. Niech żyje patologia i anarchia – kochajmy siÄ™ i rozmnażajmy, albo i nie – nic nikomu do tego! Amen.

    39. This is so true – I work in a kindergarten and some of the kid's teeth are literally black. I thought one had just eaten chocolate only to be told 'no… her teeth are just like that'. My colleague has taken to using a napkin to rub off debris from some of the kids' teeth (I couldn't – too grossed out!). *shudder*

    40. can't wait to see the results on you! hope it works:) I'm using the generic bimatoprost 2x a week for like 4 months already and Lipocils 1x a day for almost 3 months, and I'm so loving the result. I have nice lashes, long and full (for a filipina hehehe) but they started to fall out, so I decided to intervene and I'm so happy with how they are now. They're a lot longer and looks healthier!

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    42. I was always bummed that Spectator stopped posting around the time I started lurking. I secretly wonder if his WAG-dar had anything to do with it. I hope not, as I’d hate to be at blame for losing gems like these. In the days to come, if you (all) haven’t discovered the “random” or “shuffle” button for the articles on the far right side of the main navigation, USE IT. I hope to start randomly reading all the posts from way-back that I missed. There are three years to catch up on, and some of the best years, as I’ve realized today. Thanks Spectator for finding the time. We appreciate it.

    43. , “we are only as strong as our weakest”….. very profound. I hope to see this country unite, regardless of the party. I actually associate with many Dems….. we choose to disagree. I actually agree with many aspects of both parties as well as disagree. I am more of a moderate, actually, and right now the Democratic party seems more left than ever before……. Nevertheless, I’ve enjoyed watching the convention and look forward to tonight. How can one not get caught up with a charasmatic man like Obama? I will look into the websites you suggested. Thank you. Paula

    44. you did.. and I've read the wiki article also.Propane is the gas that people who do not live where nat gas lines exist – use gas vs oil or electricity for heating/cooking.It's about twice as energy dense as natgas.I guess I would have thought with a bonanza of increased nat gas and increased domestic drilling that it would also bring down the price of propane.no such luck….

    45. Depuis que j'ai lu un billet sur un blogueur qui s'est fait usurper ses identifiants google (gmail, etc…), j'ai été convaincu de mettre le moins de choses possibles sur les serveurs de google, et de faire le plus de back-up possibles en local. Le corollaire de l'informatique stateless, c'est une protection maximale des identités et des données, et on en est encore loin…

    46. Coincido con Rodrigo, respecto a que la película de Batman es la mejor que se ha hecho. ¿¿¿Qué otra cinta sobre superhéroes podría superar esa escena del spray anti-tiburón, la acrobacia del chico maravilla para entregar el spray y la consecuente explosión del tiburón????

    47. Mon salaud!!! Au Pérou et pour te marier, que demander de plus? Je n’étais pas passé sur ton blog depuis des mois mais en tout cas la visite en vaut la peine: toutes mes félicitations! Tu t’y établis ?

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    1. ooohh these 2 cards are lovely, I really love that christmas card! Both fab cards with great cosu!rloOh btw I have posted on my blog about your candy before I forget! lolXxx

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    6. Napok keretében a zenei részleg rendezvényei voltak: Göbölyös N. László előadása, Extázis koncert, Pótkerék koncert és a filmzenei totó. Hihetetlen látvány volt a zenei részlegben kettes

    7. The following time I read a weblog, I hope that it doesnt disappoint me as much as this one. I mean, I do know it was my choice to learn, however I truly thought youd have one thing attention-grabbing to say. All I hear is a bunch of whining about one thing that you may repair in case you werent too busy searching for attention.

    8. Ha…vi skrev til Gawo akkurat samtidig…, morsomt.Der kom nissebarna ja, ventet jo pÃ¥ dem jeg ogsÃ¥. Søt musikk oppstÃ¥r jo nÃ¥r mann og kvinne møtes vet du.Fin uke ønskes deg. Med flere nissebarn sikkert, eller tar det 9 mnd til neste kommer…?

    9. mas como, isso foi agora? bem se vê que não foram meninas, como eu, que leram o livro várias vezes…é tanto mais curioso quanto jane austen era, pelo menos ao meu tempo, matéria de estudo no equivalente ao 11º de língua inglesa.(não era «pululem»…?)

    10. Airmen Bentley December 6, 2012 Thanks so much for the show it was great. It was great to meet someone who has been through some things in their life like me. Your story about you little brother reminds me of my little brother but i havent seen him in eleven years. I also recently lost a good friend that was like my little brother to. So once again thank you so much for the show.

    11. Au contraire, le vin rouge nous donnerait presque des ailes vu nos dernières étapes de plus de 100 km (sommes déjà à Montpellier).Avons cherchés l’adjudant la pompe à plusieurs reprises dans des casernes françaises, malheureusement absent systématiquement ! Nous ne sommes pas découragés pour autant.Un grand merci pour le coup de pub aux portes ouvertes, j’ai entendu dire que vous avez eu du succès !En espérant que le « sea, sex and sun » approche, pour le moment c’est sous l’orage et la pluie qu’on reprend la route.A bientôt !

    12. Imagine that….you accusing me of CTS.He isnt assassinating people in this country. Is there a law that applies to assassinating people in foriegn countries? Who are they CIA double agents?? I cant protect them.I dont know if any laws exist to protect them.Traitors and seditionists and baggers that want to overthrow the govt would automatically be on the list, no.

    13. Da. Din pacate pentru potentialele victime idiotii astia nu au pastrat cel mai util lucru care era default in IE6 si anume o pagina noua = sesiune noua. Cine s-a logat in browserele de ultima generatie ramane logat pana da sign out, ii expira cookie sau isi sterge cookies, chiar daca in prealabil a inchis browserul fara a incheia sesiunea.

    14. Può essere che quel sant'uomo si sia annoiato all'addio al celibato e si sia reso conto quanto gli mancassi??!Piace molto anche a me qs look, soprattutto l'accostamento della stampa della maglia (che adoro) al colore della giacca.Coraggiosa, sfoggiare gli shorts! Io nn sono ancora pronta… Pemsa che dormo ancora con una copertina pelosetta di pile =|sogni d'oro carina 🙂

    15. hatte mir vorher die Kommentare zum Posting mit dem Spendenaufruf durchgesehen und nix gefunden. Habe ich was übersehen?Meine Anmerkung war nicht als Kritik gemeint und wird mich auch nicht davon abhalten zu spenden.

    16. avante / Bom querida, primeira coisa a fazer é aprender a escrever, ai depois vc pensa em emagrecer, faz a teste aprenda a escrever e vc vai ver como ficará mais fácil ate pra emagrecer.Gostei deste comentário ou não: 1

    17. CVD:n previous UR posts, you have portrayed progressivism, or Whig-ism, as an unstoppable force.In the most recent series, you seem to be counting down the minutes to its destruction.I wasn’t going to respond to this because it was aimed at MM, but since two other people did…Think of progressivism as something akin to pancreatic cancer: it’s unstoppable until it destroys itself by killing its host.

    18. that. The Police Force idea in it's short history(or Police Farce in NZ's case) -an interesting and almost completely un-natural social contract, that almost never achieves it's stated goals anywhere. It and juries are just about the only justified uses for the compulsory draft of citizens into service. Make membership a lottery -get real representation of the society police supposedly serve. Or, continue owning the biggest street gang in the country. IMHO

    19. Je n’ai jamais compris pourquoi le seul métro de France financé par l’état est le métro parisien. Pourquoi les autres villes qui ont autant de problèmes de transport et moins de moyen que l’agglomération parisienne n’ont elles pas elles aussi droit aux subsides de l’état pour financer leur politique de transport ?

    20. Genelde Ekim ayının ortalarında sobalar kurulur Konya’da. ÖrneÄŸin; 2005 yılında 13 Ekim’de kurmuÅŸuz. Bu da ciddi anlamda üşüdüğümüzü gösterir. Kaldı ki Konya İç Anadolu’nun en soÄŸuk yeri deÄŸil. Yani normal normal Sıradışı olan, daha 5 gün önce kısakollu giysilerle dolaşıyorduk. Birden (-) leri görmek ÅŸaşırtıyor bizi.

    21. Андрій McLomдякую за рецензіюпанове хто небудь знає подробиці про кінопрокат, мене цікавить в м. Чернівціще позавчора знайшов на фейсбуці інфу що з 25 січня але не зрозуміло в якому кінотеатрі ..телефонував в кінопалац вони в прострації ( що мене і не дивує )

    22. Oh, I should have read your comments first before asking why Pilate and Herod were enemies then suddenly friends. (Luke 23:8-12) Thank you very much It’s amazing how most times I have a question, it has already been answered for me in the COMMENTS. Halleluliah!Now I eagerly await insight into Luke 23:30-31. la-la-la-la-la

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    25. If your dictator is going for lizards in Uranus, then talking about "reactionary" is as pointless as talking about "biology" and "astronomy".And Franco believed that crackers and wine could turn into flesh and blood, that a man rose from the dead 2,000 years ago, etc. I guess talking about "reactionary" here is pointless as well.

    26. Vad roligt att se bilder frÃ¥n tiden före du bloggade;-) Tack sÃ¥ jätte mycket för den Avard jag fick av dig!! Jag har ju som du sett varit dÃ¥lig pÃ¥ att uppdatera bloggen dÃ¥ jag tog ett mycket lÃ¥ngt jullov…. SÃ¥ avarden kom mycket lägligt nu när jag fÃ¥tt ny inspiration till att blogga. Jag har dock inte tagit lov frÃ¥n att läsa din blogg även om mina kommentarer har varit fÃ¥…Kram Moa

    27. I grew up on Santa and so when I first started to feel convicted to change my idea of Christmas it was honestly hard. But I really want to instill truth in my kids. Last year we started doing the Truth Behind the Tinsel: An Advent Experience for Little Hands with my daughter and this year we will do it again with the help of my son who just turned 1.

    28. Jindal gave his opinions of the current GOP, post election. Considering the GOP lost the election, would you expect him to NOT make critical remarks? As for Rubio, this creationism/science issue required a direct answer. Not something I’d expect to hear from a politician in the 1920’s.

    29. Harlow is cute! I definitely prefer wardrobe_remix to stylemob though. I just hate how so many people on style mob post random crap like a celebrity or an accessory they want. And people can be jackasses. Nice score on the Macbook!

    30. There are several systems of voting that have an “against all” option. As far as I am aware, none of them have established what happens if “against all” wins a majority. I often see it proposed that a given polity should adopt such an option, with the caveat that should it achieve polity, a new election must be held with none of the original candidates allowed to run. This strikes me as an ineffectual idea, but a harmless one. Bryn’s identification of seperating polygon from government is apt, but his solution is arbitrary.The more interesting question is how MM, as a good formalist, can support revolution?

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    32. I remember the time when I went there as a tourist and not for a sponsored event. We were flocked by a few people asking us where we were planning to stay. I told them "yung budget lang po, yung VERY cheap" with an emphasis on VERY. ahaOne of the asked, magkano budget? Meron pong tag 1500 Pesos.I told them 500 pesos and below for 2 people. They couldn't recommend anything for us. I just laughed. haha

    33. Tanstaafl: They act as if people are inanimate objects like bananas, thus trade equals migration, the freer the better.Yup.There was a report that came out last year in Ireland about how (as are other Western nations). The report mentioned how nurses today are views as “global public goods.”That’s what we’ve all become in the eyes — and billfolds — of the global uber-capitalists — “global public goods.”

    34. You’re a good man for responding G. Andrew. And it’s always awesome to hear production stories. Still, despite your totally reasonable explanation, that shot just sticks out.I’ve certainly been there myself, when your idea starts changing in the transition from thought to thing. It’s the kind of surprising twist you don’t really consider until you first start getting the casting tapes back. Then you realize you have a challenge…Also good to know Jim and Craig are good ones–thanks for pointing that out. I stand corrected.

    35. I wonder sometimes if much of the obfuscation around Obama is an attempt to hide the fact that's he's just not as smart as everyone thinks he is. Not that he's stupid, but "120 IQ guy who got ahead on hard work, affirmative action, and being useful to the right people" isn't the image they presented during the campaign, that of "genius political organizer who was writing deeply thoughtful books in his 20s."

    36. I don’t have a problem with that. It’s just–is there no other configuration we could go with? I don’t know. You’d probably rather me not make these comparisons, but in the current world of publishing trends, they’re there.This is pretty much why love triangles bug me. Just once I’d like to see one where the characters realize the person they’re chasing is wishy-washy and they can do better.

    37. Chris Trott / Well, actually, my behavior does not harm anyone else and i don't really care what you think. My only opinion is that what you're wearing in your profile picture is blasphemy to me–but your other views don't really matter to me. Someone who murders someone else is causing harm to another person and thus it can't be equated to homosexual behavior because that harms no one else because it's consensual. Obviously, murder is not. Is that a unibrow too?

    38. Aram BarthollShaved Bieber Fan Mailz 25 mai 2010 […] Greg Leuch how to do things by theoryPUBLIC EDITING #2 reference text_2: COLLABORATION 12 juin 2010PUBLIC EDITING #2 reference text_2: COLLABORATION Florian Schneider text published on

    39. Fui á Feira do Livro.Uma bela tarde de sol.Um passeio maravilhoso.Gente bonita.Comprei dois livros que apresentei á minha mulher como prova.Quinta ou sexta vou lá outra vez.Sempre adorei ir aos livros.Não estraguem esta maravilhosa feira.Palavra que não vi nada de novo.Na próxima vou com a minha mulher.Prometo!

    40. It is true that there is no good fish and chips in London. This place is very average, in the north east it would be considered not very good even if the prices were more in line with the norm.The best fish and chips is at Bell’s, Gilesgate Moor, Durham city. There is another excellent one in Tynemouth, and several other very good ones in Newcastle, and Sunderland.If you tried Bell’s you would no longer rate ‘Masters’

    41. We live in a racist society and this kind of incident is a perfect set-up to help facilitate dialog. Thank you for the dialog that takes place here.Who knows who did what to get this despicable act (monkey book displayed along side Obama books) in the window but what happens in our conversation will surely define what will be in 10-20 years. Hopefully we will have woken up to our ignorant ways.Again, thank you for facilitating dialog here.

    42. 112Oi, li o seu post e estou interessada em comprar na ASOS. Gostaria de saber se a compra pelo cartão internacional, o valor que vem na fatura já vem em real ? Ou acontece de ser pago em dólar ? Obrigada.

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    44. Hi ZiadYou right, I was wrong to assume that you were a Muslim. I apologise!You are right too that people in society of different religions can and do get on well. I know this from my own family's experience in an Arab country.There is no doubt,however,that the Jews suffered in Syria – and that is why they left when they had the chance.

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    1. This is all so true! The drawings you did reveal the truth of curvy/chubby fashionistas. I know what works on my body, but even so still struggle to find the right clothes.It's at the point now, where I want to learn to properly sew so I can make my own pretty frocks that fit a DDD girl.I like having curves, always have, and always will. But when the curves are hard to fit the fashions … well, it gets to be a bit of a downer.Thank you for this post! :)Curvy Caren

    2. Grande achado, Ico. Parabéns…Acho que deve ter muitos vídeos como esse guardados poraí. Tomara que nos disponibilizem.Só uma dúvida, no texto você fala em primeira corrida de fórmula 1, mas na placa que aparece aos 8"41s no vídeo (e em outros momentos) mostra "XI Grand Prix d´Europe".Eram outras corridas que evoluiram e mudaram de nome para F1??

    3. When I saw that on Twitter I was soooooooooooo proud of you! That is amazing. The history inside that place in unbelievable and you can feel every last performer that has played there. It’s like the walls are talking to you or something!!! I know I’m a dork but I love the Opry.I bet it was an emotional day for you and I am so happy that Nashvile/Opry got to finally see you in action. I am betting that you will be up there by yourself one day and when that day comes the whole world will see what we all see now! How extremely talented you truly are!!!

    4. NACHTRAG: Noch ein Video, zur Abwechslung nicht über Polizeigewalt sondern um gute, engagierte Polizisten die Zwangsversetzt wurden weil sie zu “engagiert” gegen Rechtsextreme ermittelt haben: Und noch ein Link für alle Polizisten unter den Lesern (oder zum weiterempfehlen falls ihr welche kennt):

    5. Hoy le contacte en la Av. San Martin de Equipetrol por su RV IVECO y me gustaria compartir con uds. pues estamos planeando hacer un viaje similar .. yo soy el de la Camioneta Roja F150.. estamos cerca vivimos en Colinas del Urubo

    6. when your team keeps winning…let sleeping dogs lie. On the bright side…in 2006, this is how all fans in Chicago acted towards Rex and he kept winning despite his turnovers. So if you want to go to the Super Bowl, just keep bitching I guess. Haha! The guy is 22-13 as a starter with 46 tds and 45 ints. It is what it is.

    7. Thanks Karin for focusing on SERVICE! I have know Bill for over 11 years and 1 word comes to mind – PASSION! He is a magnet in a room of paperclips – he leads through inspiration, passion, and drive – yet is one of the most humble people you will meet. He embodies and models service through his service!

    8. Kartku! To byl sen …fabularny! Warto go bylo zapisac!A symbole? No coz…to juz do pracy psychologicznej.Jakie to szczescie, ze z niektorych snow mozna sie obudzic!Dawniej mowiono, ze jak ci sie sni, ze ktos cie dusi, albo morduje to znaczy , ze …zmora sie do ciebie zakradla! I chce ci wykrasc dusze.Na to byly odczyniania i rozne tajemne zabiegi, zeby zmora sobie poszla, i to bez cudzej duszy!Ale z tego co widze, to juz nie musisz sie obawiac, bo Kartkowicze juz odprawili co mieli i atmosfera jest juz bezzmorowa!

    9. I can’t thank you enough for inviting me to the reading. I was completely bowled over. Yet another outside I didn’t know was there. I will definitely be reading your writeup. Would love to be able to remember who read what, and learn the names of the writers, all new to me. I can see why Steve Arntson is a favorite – he was breathtaking.

    10. Je ne suis pas si sûr qu’on puisse qualifier le nazisme de « grande idéologie politique », mais si en parlant de « détruire les lois de la filiation », vous faites allusion à la politique d’eugénisme menée sous ce régime, ça n’a vraiment rien à voir, car il s’agit justement d’un contrôle par l’Etat, et non d’une problématique privée.

    11. Prezados,Assistindo ao Programa do Luciano Huck me deparei com esse quadro.Meu Deus, prá onde foi o zelo das pessoas por sua reputação? Só mulheres vulgares com comentários vulgares, baixos e o Luciano entra nessa pq. dá Ibope.O povão entra nessa pq. não tá nem aí com nada e é igual.Povo e gente ignorante deste país.Ai que raiva disso!!!Silvia

    12. something, if not always the right thing.I’m not so sure that Advent Children-styled Cloud crossdressing would really be out of the question, because if there’s one company that is willing to blatantly pander to the female part of their audience, it’s Square-Enix. (A better way to make fangirls feel included than Crisis Core:FFVII’s I have not seen)There’s no way the tone would stay the same though — they only managed to get away with what they did because they left what Mukki and the men in the hot tub did it up to the audience’s imagination.

    13. Always force closes. Having to revert to older version which has a lot of problems as well. The last version of 4problems worked very well. The only nice thing about 5 is the UI and that’s it. Was the UI best browser until now. Even typing this comment was a pain. DROIDX gingerbread.

    14. I started doing intermittent fasting about 2-3 weeks ago, and my results have been great too!I’ve lost 2 inches off of my chest (not sure how I feel about that), about 1/2 inch off my waist, and almost 1 inch off of my hips!(keep in mind that my measurements were never that high to begin with so it’s quite astonishing)The only thing I have changed was implementing intermittent fasting.My boyfriend isn’t too thrilled about my shrinking boobs, but I’m loving my lean look!

    15. I find your response very patronising, and you are making a number of assumptions about my thoughts. How would you feel if your eyes were sewn shut? You have absolutely no idea what goes on in the day of a rescue centre and why, this is plain to see.

    16. vad kommer dessa smeknamn ifrÃ¥n? lite roliga ;)Hur lÃ¥ng är du? blev lite nedstämd när jag insÃ¥g att jag väger 59 och du sa att ”du aldrig har vägt sÃ¥ mycket”… har alltid fÃ¥tt höra att jag är smal, men jag är ju ocksÃ¥ 1.73/1.74… :SOch nu väger du ca 56 och ändÃ¥ väger muskler mer än fett…

    17. Anonymous 7  7Das war so die krasseste Aktion, die ich seit langem gesehen habe – was hätten die gemacht, wenn eins der Opfer eine Herzinfarkt bekommen hätte ? Das ist dann doch eine Spur zu heftig ! Autofahren (und Parken) ist eh schon ein teures Hobby geworden, da werden die Falschen vorgeführt, wenn man Mobilität (und damit Flexibilität ) der Mitmenschen unterstützen will, dann sind garantiert andere Methoden herzunehmen – Diskussionsrunde eröffnet ….

    18. … she was asked questions about Rob and she answered, as others have done before. I don’t have an issue with that… I’d be curious to see her art. I paint, too, as a hobby, but I’m not into abstract. I prefer surrealistic subjects or portraits. Maybe one day I’ll try to mix the two and see what comes out… I’m scared already…Oh, yes, and I am terribly envious because she lived with Rob and I never will X(!

    19. Egyetértek veled, és írjon egy alkalmazás, amely csak az elsÅ‘ lépés, a reklám a lelke mindennek, és ha egy termék jó soha út, ha támogatja a csapat a jó PR. Leszek boldog, hogy egy szép és egészséges Zoelounge.it reklám a blogomban, és nem hagyja abba, ha van egy pár számára, akik követni elÅ‘bb-utóbb kapsz tudni, hogy és a felhasználók megbízható …. Zoe hamarosan

    20. Les NDA peuvent être un gage de sérieux dans certains cas (contractualisation avec des partenaires). Partager son idée aux bonnes personnes est primordial mais cela reste un exercice de communication. Pour cela il faut savoir identifier les bonnes personnes puis « industrialiser » la récupération de feedback.Des expériences à partager sur le sujet ?

    21. DevilYet, more reasons why I’ll never be a registered republican.I don’t want to be in the same company as these upstanding, patriotic, loyal, (and probably fiercely Christian) Americans. These hoary heads represent the old guard. They’re a dying breed, literally.The sand in their hourglass has mostly fallen to the bottom of the bulb, and with it, their hatred, xenophobia, and anachronism. They don’t yet realize that their time has passed. The America that they once knew is disappearing, the way smoke always does after a good cleansing fire.

    22. These are just so fascinating!!!! Keep on working your craft – I don’t think I can get tired of these!On a side note, I just totally embarrassed myself. I was watching this, & right at the part with first big in grown hair, I was talking out loud: “oh yeah! Get IT GET IT!” So my husband comes running in, huge smile on his face…He thought he was going to bust me watching porn. *embarrassed*Well-loved.

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    24. bence güzel ama portekiz in üstünü karaladıkları için elenebilirler yazık olur en güzel ÅŸarkı zaten alexander rybakrov un ÅŸarkısı olan failiytale idi . birinci olamazlardı ama yinede yazık……..

    25. For excellent “Steampunk” fiction, I would like to mention Tim Power’s old friend James P Blaylock. Homunculus would be a good start. Blaylock is an excellent prose stylist. K.W. Jeter dedicated “Infernal Devices” to both Blaylock and Powers many years ago. Both Powers And Blaylock were friends of Phillip K. Dick, and friends of friends of Clark Ashton Smith.

    26. "Satan is only concerned with the destruction of true christianity." So Satan isn't actively opposed to any others? Only Christians are god-fearing? Only Christians seek the divine? Please. Perhaps it would be wise to engage ones mind before inserting your foot firmly in your mouth? Believers in Christianity can assert that Christianity's destruction is Satan's primary concern but surely Satan is an equal opportunity adversary. He's opposed to anyone who worships the divine.

    27. I would like to see … I would like to see someone stabilize this footage and take a measurement between the first tree on the left and the position of the beam. If it’s static and not moving, then it could very well be a spotlight on the ground lighting up the clouds. If the ground position of the beam moves, then it’s likely not something on the ground. Was this answer helpful?

    28. Thanks for sharing this, Kathy, and I sincerely hope the tide turns for you and your partner. Making a home and raising kids is hard enough in these times without the insult of not recognizing a child’s parents without expensive legal motions based on nothing more than ignorance, hatred, and fear.

    29. To: ahuraDiky za rozumna slova. Jenze fanatickym bojovnikum “proti tem Temelinum” oci asi stejne neotevrete. Tem je uz vsechno jasne.Jinak co se tyce te prvni skupiny – mame jedinecnou prilezitost ji sledovat pravidelne na cesko-rakouskych hranicich a pri pohledu na rakouskou politickou scenu. Z Temelina si tam udelali politici vynikajici tovarnu na hlasy tech neinformovanych a nevzdelanych ve volbach.

    30. any suggestions to sub out the brown sugar? I’m only using maple syrup or honey at the moment; trying to stay away from processed sugars. Sounds yummy – will likely freeze into cubes and then process in my vitamix.

    31. Czołem Kumplu Cieszę się że wszystko u Ciebie okey Jesteś naprawdę bardzo wytrwały Facet Pisałeś wcześniej, że zimno na basenie, a my właśnie w niedzielę otworzyliśmy sezon morsowy 2012/2013 Co prawda na razie śniegu i mrozu nie ma Ale woda ma już tylko sześć stopni na moim blogu możesz zobaczyć fotki Trzymaj się Przyjacielu i pozdrów cała Rodzinkę fantastycznych Ostaszków

    32. All of this is irrelevant.As a commentator recently reported, the Muslim/Arab Middle East produces oil, whilst Israel produces orange juice. Our cars run on oil. When they start running on orange juice the West may reconsider its position in the Middle East. Until then, it makes good sense to sideline the Jews. I stand by my earlier view that Israel is unlikely to celebrate her centenary as a Jewish state. And the civilised world will pay a heavy price for that.

    33. Tenho 39 anos e tenho 3 filhos…uma de 19 anos, um de 17 e um bebê de 2anos e meio.Minha auto estima está muito baixa..tenho muita gordura localizada mas tenho a certeza que vou melhorar muito depois que fizer a abdominoplastia…mesmo tendo muito medo…passarei por uma consulta em fevereiro e sei que vou superar meus medos pois acredito que tudo vale a pena para melhorar…