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Stop – Clear Your Mind

By Elizabeth Colen

Elizabeth Colen

Elizabeth Colen

When you were you a little kid, have you ever gotten lost in the store or park and your parents would find you all in a panic, crying, shaking and totally out of control? Do you remember the words they would say to you, as they wipe away the tears from your face? Well, mine would say, just stop. When you are lost just stop and be still you would be found. That advice still fits into our lives now. When we are lost, confused, stuck or even afraid in our life we should just STOP. Let me spell it out for you.

S – Stay. Just stay still. Sit for a moment, don’t use outside distractions to ignore your frustrations. They will not go away; they will seep back into your thoughts late at night when you are trying to sleep. Turn off all the distractions, as a matter of fact, lock yourself away. Well, find your quite spot.   I personally turn off my phone, turn off my computer and just sit. I have a tablet and a pen next to me so that I can jot down any thoughts that pop into my head.

TThink. While you are sitting quietly just think. Write down the things that pop into your mind. Don’t over think, it can be written any way you like it. Scribble, draw or doodle it doesn’t need to be in any type of order.

O – Observe. Take a look at what you have written, see if there is a pattern to your thoughts or see if they are just all over the place. Either way it’s fine!

P – Plan. Take those thoughts and string them together to come up with a plan. Focus on the thoughts that are constantly popping out at you on the page. Find a theme to your thoughts.

Tackle the noise inside of your head. When you are feeling lost, confused or afraid just S-T-O-P. You will find that once you have taken those steps you will feel more in control, confident and have a clearer picture of where you are and where you want to be. Wipe away those tears and take control of your destiny!

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