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Stop – Clear Your Mind

By Elizabeth Colen

Elizabeth Colen

Elizabeth Colen

When you were you a little kid, have you ever gotten lost in the store or park and your parents would find you all in a panic, crying, shaking and totally out of control? Do you remember the words they would say to you, as they wipe away the tears from your face? Well, mine would say, just stop. When you are lost just stop and be still you would be found. That advice still fits into our lives now. When we are lost, confused, stuck or even afraid in our life we should just STOP. Let me spell it out for you.

S – Stay. Just stay still. Sit for a moment, don’t use outside distractions to ignore your frustrations. They will not go away; they will seep back into your thoughts late at night when you are trying to sleep. Turn off all the distractions, as a matter of fact, lock yourself away. Well, find your quite spot.   I personally turn off my phone, turn off my computer and just sit. I have a tablet and a pen next to me so that I can jot down any thoughts that pop into my head.

TThink. While you are sitting quietly just think. Write down the things that pop into your mind. Don’t over think, it can be written any way you like it. Scribble, draw or doodle it doesn’t need to be in any type of order.

O – Observe. Take a look at what you have written, see if there is a pattern to your thoughts or see if they are just all over the place. Either way it’s fine!

P – Plan. Take those thoughts and string them together to come up with a plan. Focus on the thoughts that are constantly popping out at you on the page. Find a theme to your thoughts.

Tackle the noise inside of your head. When you are feeling lost, confused or afraid just S-T-O-P. You will find that once you have taken those steps you will feel more in control, confident and have a clearer picture of where you are and where you want to be. Wipe away those tears and take control of your destiny!

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    35. Felicitari lui Ionut BARBOIANU , pentru acest articol !Nu stiu de ce , dar am sentimentul ca in domeniul literaturii columbofile , calca pe urmele domnului Ovidiu Leonte ;Are un stil inegalabil de a se exprima , umbla mult , vizitand crescatori si crescatorii , din toate colturile tarii , etc. , toate aceste lucruri ajutandu-l sa progreseze si sa ajunga la un nivel inalt , in acest domeniu .Sunt curios daca Ionut este ruda cu fotbalistul BARBOIANU , de la fosta echipa ,,Universitatea Craiova.”Eu zic ca fara exces de zel , l-am putea numii , urmasul domnului Ovidiu Leonte !

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    39. But will he ever come down? Do they have children? If they do, who is taking care of them now? What about the woman, is this not giving the woman the opportunity to continue with the other man? It appears the woman don’t want the man any more. Anyway, that’s part of what makes the world go round.

    40. I would love to see some saner thought and indeed even rhetoric from all parties in govt, but yes at this moment definitely the Liberals.However, I think it is a little to pay attention to the statements of various politicians, as opposed to their actions. Most of Howard’s actions, thank god, weren’t as bad as his rhetoric, and likewise most of Rudd’s have not been as good as much of his.I do think saner heads will prevail in most policy development, as they always do.**I say saner, not sane.

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    47. Hello Suhail,No one has an innate right to not be offended. I’m offended by religious people all the time. But you are right, a minority is tainting the reputation of the majority. I’m glad you have the guts to come out and tell these extremists that they are wrong.P.S. The Caps Lock key is located just to the left of your standard Qwerty keyboard.

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    53. If the Mayor used 10,000 proclamations dont’ we as tax payers have a right to know who he gave them to? I want to know if the Mayor gave any of those proclamations to developers, concert promoters etc. John Schwada should file a public records document to continue his great investigative report and find out if the Mayor went to 81 events and 10,000 proclamations have been made since he was in office, who got those?

    54. Well, you were right. We’re going to be lucky if we still have Social Security and Medicare after August 2nd. We probably won’t have an economic recovery — it doesn’t matter how far Obama bends backwards for the Republicans to steer away from the brick wall, it’s probably already too late.You know, nothing the Republicans could have done could have rendered the American Progressive movement as thoroughly and completely powerless as we are now. It really took that knife in the back to kill it. Thanks, Obama.

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    63. Yes, we really can be terrible friends sometimes.I have a couple of friends who posted on Facebook about the need for gays and lesbians to get out and vote. They got a tidal wave of abuse for their troubles. Lots of LGBTs say they are staying home on Election Day.As far as I'm concerned, that's cutting your own throat to make a point.

    64. I know I probably missed the fun already (that and I don’t have a TV) but can I just say…this whole election has been a wreck and half with some laughs thrown in, especially this mess with Palin. I can hardly stand it anymore….And now I’m best get back to my far, faaaar corner of the field.

    65. I've ignored AOL for more than thirteen years, since I was one of those cheated people who tried to close accounts — only to find out two or more months later that they had to call a special number that was not easily discovered. That was a minor inconvenience compared to the company's subsequent life. Thanks for the latest.

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    75. So pretty everywhere in your garden! Things get so overgrown here so quickly (weed wise) that it is discouraging….I hate grass growing into the beds too….I’ve been pulling up patio blocks (which couldn’t even be seen anymore!). Going to put a landscaping fabric under them and see if that keeps the weeds in the cracks at bay!

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    77. I would love to see a general piece on beaded edging; adapting it to different projects, large or small – scarves, shawls, collars, wristers, cowls, hats…etc. I did a pattern for a charity hat with plastic pony beads [which I wouldn’t have chosen for myself] but it came out really nice, so I would like to be able to do more with beads.

    78. Which Democratic President was convicted of multiple felonies? Bill Clinton was never convicted of anything.Whereas President George W. Bush actually does have a police record. Maybe that’s why so many people voted for him.

    79. Miranda is going through so much! It’s so hard not to want to snatch her out of there. So glad God was watching and waiting for the perfect time. Your story is awesome, Linda. It has us all on the edge of our computer chairs!God bless you and watch over you in love today!Debbie neseniai paskelbtas..

    80. How sweet! You pulled it off for a true surprise. The pistachio crumble may have been intended to hide soft icing, but it turned into the perfect finishing touch for the cake! I love the combination of flavors. I’m not waiting for anyone’s surprise birthday party – I’ll throw one for myself, if necessary, to have a good excuse to make this.

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    90. Sulle parolacce pensavo proprio ieri una cosa: i miei non le dicevano ed io invece sembro uno scaricatore di porto ma di quelli incazzati duri. Magari vale anche il contrario, no? Sulla felicità Mari-chan mi chiede se sono "bello". Dove bello è sinonimo di buono, bravo, felice, pulito…

    91. I am a proud O-bot. Thanks for this post. To tell truth, the president has always been more centrist than I would like if I had my druthers. But not only do we not get our druthers in this political climate, but the president has shown himself to be worthy of my respect, my fealty, and every ounce of support I can muster. I am a proud O-bot.

    92. Seriously, I really don’t wanna sound like a total racist asshole but how many white people does this happen to? How in the world could he have been surprised after like the 6th time!!!! This is why we should take stupid fuckin people, regardless of race, and make em fight against lions, or each other, or both in some kind of gladitorial arena. Who wouldn’t watch that?? I know I’m not alone here.

    93. Hi Bob Lyttelton is one of our favourite places. I can't believe that so much of it is gone. Thinking of you and your loss. The young man staying here has lost his aunt. Thank you very much for your kind words. I haven't done much though. I feel unreal but I am good and very blessed to stil have everything.

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    95. GREAT post Elaine!!!!! I love what you had to say here… “Sometimes, eating the harvest is the only way to know if it’s safe for public consumption. Better to pass truth along after it’s been tested.” Sometimes we can be too quick to share with others something we have been pondering and wrestling with. I think that sometimes God needs us to “chew on it for awhile” first. We don’t always need outside influences, advice, or comments on something we are going through. I think God lets us know when we need to share. Keep wrestling my friend! Love ya!!!

    96. OMFG you are sooo hilarious and I'm right on target with my list. In fact come to think of it you didn't "miss a one."And thank you for including truck nuts! List would NOT be complete without it. Sadly, my very annoying and obnoxious TPT of a brother-in-law had them on his truck, I don't know what the bank did with them after they repossessed it though…hmmm.Thank you for a midnight laugh and congrats on your 31dbb commitment – seems like mine is going along in dog years or something like it.Cheers.

    97. As an Art Psych., i find all of my Asperger clients, without exception, present with some attachment disorder symptoms; these match those that meet the Asperger criteria which can make for an incorrect diagnosis.Often being ‘different’ can cause the self to shrivel…perhaps we should have yet another label ‘Attachment Spectrum’?

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    100. Oh…apparently we are in the same situation now. My boy does that a lot at night now. Sometimes he goes back to sleep on his own if I ignore him long enough. It's good to know that other moms are experiencing it too. At least now I know that it's totally normal. Hopefully our little ones will grow out of it soon!:)

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    167. I’ve seen this one and really liked it too. I second your opinion of Nooni Rapace… a really talented woman who gives a lot to the quirky “realness” of Lisabeth. A shame she won’t get the chance to reprise her role in the US re-make…. but I do hear she’s going to be involved in another film, some sort of weird retelling of an old fairy tale…. “Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters”. Sounds a bit like Tim Burton’s “Sleepy Hollow”….Anyway… looking forward to your review of the next one. I’ve got it on Carolyn and mine’s “To watch” list when I get a copy!!

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