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Pandemic! What to Do?

By Robin Fonsha Robin Fonsha We are in the midst of a very tumultuous time. In our lifetime, we’ve not seen or experienced anything like the spread of this Coronavirus. It’s no wonder we are not sure what to do! Well, the first thing to NOT do is panic or overreact.…

Seniors Stay Healthy with Friends and Fitness

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By Tonya Jameson Inside the community room at Greater Bethel AME Church, music blared as arms reached toward the ceiling and bodies swayed. Laugher rang out as the group’s leader called out the steps. “Push it away,” Mitchell Smith-Bey called out, “hot dogs, push it away, hamburgers, push it Mitchell Smith-Bey away.” “French fries,” a woman panted, as she swept her arm in front of her body as if she was pushing through a crowd of people.…
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