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Helping People When It matters Most: ChemoCars

  By Eren Simpson When someone is diagnosed with cancer, the last question on his or her mind should be, “How am I going to get to my treatment?” When his mom was being treated for stage four pancreatic cancer, Zach Bolster heard about the struggle some patients have getting to and from treatment due to lack of transportation, often leading them to quit treatment altogether.…

The Rundown: Things to do Thursday, July 12 – Sunday, July 15

By Shawn D. Allison, II Greetings Family! The weekend has arrived and I hope everyone is Shawn Allison shares all the places you’ll wanna be in the Queen City. feeling alright out there. There’s quite a bit of festivals with some truly unique works of art taking center stage and screen and if you open your minds, you’ll be sure to truly experience and appreciate some wondrous creativity from your community.…

Closing the Gap in Charlotte’s Digital Divide

By Angela Lindsay Many people rely daily on cell phones, laptops, activity trackers and smart watches. However, not everyone has access to the technology that has become increasingly necessary to keep up with and compete in our rapidly advancing society. According to DigitalCharlotte.org, more than 14 percent of households in Mecklenburg County (almost 56,000 households) have no internet access at all.…

Truth Frees Us to Heal (A Way to Stop the Pain)

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By Robin Joiner People are hurting. Everywhere. Every day. All day. In major ways, in minute ways…people are hurting. And what we all know for sure is hurt people do indeed hurt people. Up close and in person. Maybe it’s a nasty disposition or ugly words.…

The Rundown: Things to Do Thursday, March 29 – Sunday, April 1

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By Shawn D. Allison, II What’s the word everyone? We FINALLY have some Spring weather and to compliment Mother Nature, I’ve got a cool list of cultural digs for your soul! I’ll be pounding the pavement hitting up a lot of the cool spots and if you want to tag along or meet me somewhere, check out what I got on my “Hot List” just below!…

The Rundown Things to Do Thursday, June 14 – Tuesday, June 19

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By: Shawn D. Allison, II Greetings everyone and happy Juneteenth to you all! There’s a lot in store for this celebration and I’ve taken the liberty of finding some cool events stretching all the way to next Tuesday! If you’ve never attended Juneteenth, please make it a priority to not only visit, but to get engaged with the community and to learn something new about us as a people.…
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