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Crowning the Beauty Within

  By Angela Lindsay   In a social media climate that glorifies eyelash extensions, lace front wigs, claw-like artificial nails and butt implants, a local program is celebrating all-natural beauty and empowering young women to embrace their own. Founder Vernisha Crawford saw a need for such a program when she realized how much time and money she was spending on her external appearance.…

Seniors Stay Healthy with Friends and Fitness

By Tonya Jameson Inside the community room at Greater Bethel AME Church, music blared as arms reached toward the ceiling and bodies swayed. Laugher rang out as the group’s leader called out the steps. “Push it away,” Mitchell Smith-Bey called out, “hot dogs, push it away, hamburgers, push it Mitchell Smith-Bey away.” “French fries,” a woman panted, as she swept her arm in front of her body as if she was pushing through a crowd of people.…

The Rundown of Things to Do: Thursday, May 30 – Monday, June 3

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By Shawn D. Allison, II   Greetings Brothers and Sisters! We have made it to the end of Shawn Allison shares all the places you’ll wanna be in the Queen City. May and are now roughly halfway through 2019. So far the city has been very active with all sorts of exciting happenings, but Summer is very near and things are about to get hotter.…

The Rundown of Things to Do: Thursday, July 18 – Sunday, July 21

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By: Shawn D. Allison, II Shawn Allison shares all the places you’ll wanna be in the Queen City.   What’s up everyone? Hope your week was progressive and positive, but here we are ready to let loose for the weekend. There’s quite a bit to do on this episode of “The Rundown” with some appetizing vegan shindigs, tribute concerts, Hip Hop spots and much more!…
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