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The Balm In Gilead celebrates over 27 Years of Service

Celebrating 27+ years of service, The Balm In Gilead, led by its Founder & CEO, Dr. Pernessa C. Seele, builds and strengthens the capacity of faith and other institutions to deliver health education, screenings and linkages to care within communities they serve. The Balm In Gilead improves the health conditions of African Americans by strengthening health ministries, and faith-based community health programs through skill development and technical support in areas related to organization development; program design and implementation; and evaluation.

There is a deep cry for comprehensive, community-based, compassionate care that speaks to the broad spectrum of emotional, psychological, relational and practical conditions that contribute to healthy living. There is a perfect storm of frustration, isolation, and fragmented support brewing that requires a thoughtful strategic approach. Now is the time for the Church to reclaim its role in promoting health and wholeness. The Church has always demonstrated its role in promoting spiritual health, but it also has a profound ability and obligation to influence physical and mental health. The Balm in Gilead has sought to do their part by hosting Healthy Churches 2020 National Conference.

In it’s 3rd year, Healthy Churches 2020 National Conference, a 3-day national, capacity building, training conference specifically targets faith leaders, health directors, coordinators, nurses and members of congregational-based Health Ministries. This conference looks to strengthen the leadership and organizational capacity of Health Ministries in the ability to address health disparities among populations most at-risk for chronic diseases such as: diabetes, obesity, heart disease, hepatitis, and cancer.

Pastors, ministry leaders and persons who are responsible for the Health Ministry; Annual Health Fair; Kitchen Ministry; Nurses Ministry and all aspects of health education, promotion and compassion within the congregation and community will leave this 3-day conference equipped with the proper tools to feed the physical being (3 John 1:2).

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