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Truth Frees Us to Heal (A Way to Stop the Pain)

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By Robin Joiner

People are hurting. Everywhere. Every day. All day. In major ways, in minute ways…people are hurting. And what we all know for sure is hurt people do indeed hurt people. Up close and in person. Maybe it’s a nasty disposition or ugly words. Maybe it’s lies or rejection. Maybe it’s a shove or road rage. Maybe it’s a mass shooting. However it manifests, for certain, it is pain. Masked, buried or unbeknownst, pain is in there.
So, what do we do? How do we deal? What will make it better? How can we heal? In a word: truth. Only the truth will change things. The truth is what opens the door for help that inspires healing. The truth allows us to address the pain with courage, honesty and grace.
Acknowledgment. Make the declaration aloud in your own voice: “I am hurting. I need help”. To state your pain is the first step to release the weight and burden. Courage lies in the use of your voice for self-advocacy.

Awareness. Recognize the ways this pain has kept you from being whole and moving forward. Uncover sources of pain and hurt keeps you stuck. Identify triggers that cause adverse reactions. Honesty will create the space to explore the pain.

Acceptance. Forgive yourself for the part you played to create, allow or continue pain. Forgive whomever creates, allows or continues pain for you. Consider professional assistance to bring clarity to the pain. With grace, release any justification to hold onto or remain hurt.
Health and happiness is our full well-being, mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. It’s a treasure we each deserve to experience fully. Replace the hurt in your life with a life of health and happiness!

Robin Fonsha has been coaching since 2004. Contact her at RobinFonsha@gmail.com 



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