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By Elizabeth Colen

Elizabeth Colen

Believe it or not, some people in this day and age still don’t exercise. I know it’s hard to believe, with all the promoting of good health and a gym on just about every corner. However, people still walk pass them to get to the fast food spot next door. I am going to jump on the band wagon and tell you how important exercise is to you. When you exercise, you change your body, mind, attitude and mood. Let me start with how it changes your body. I am not going to state the obvious like weight loss, tone and build muscle.  I’m going to tell you about the things you may not notice.

Exercise can boost your sex drive. If you want to rev up your sex life get into the gym. Not only will you be more flexible, you will also have more stamina in bed. Exercise causes the brain to produce endorphins that stimulate the release of sex hormones and when men lift weight it increases testosterone. Work out together and double the effects.

Exercise can improve your skin. When you exercise, you work up a sweat and that sweat is pushing all the built-up toxins out of your system. So, make sure you wash your face when you are done with your workout. Exercise increases your blood flow which carries oxygen and nutrients to your skin and increases skins production of collagen. Exercise can help you fight off wrinkles and have that healthy glow.

Confidence booster – When you exercise on a regular basis you tend to stand a little taller. You feel stronger, your energy level increases and just by sticking to an exercise plan gives you a sense of accomplishment.

Go ahead and visit your local gym you can make several changes in your life. We know the obvious changes that occur are weight loss, tone and building muscles, but now you know you are doing far more than that. Boost your sex life, make that skin radiant and push that chest out in pride you deserve it.


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