Keeping Community Top of Mind

Your customers are more community-focused than ever. Here’s how to stay connected with them in 2021 and beyond. Last March, in advertising messages from brands both big and small, consumers heard the same sentiment on repeat: “We’re all in this together.” But throughout the rest of the year, they grew more discerning about the businesses they chose to interact with. For many, a new consideration emerged: Which companies are saying these words, and which ones are acting on them?

The consumer need for authenticity from brands is at an all-time high. According to Kantar, 68% of consumers expect brands to be clear about their values, and 54% expect them to take an active stance on issues that impact their communities. As your audience becomes more intentional about their spending, your business needs to stand out in new ways. To ensure you’re resonating with the right customers in 2021, consider these questions.

Do your ads reflect the audience you want to reach?

More than ever, consumers want to feel represented in the marketing and media they see. Brands are now being evaluated on their commitment to diversity and inclusion—in their advertisements, as well as in the workplace. When it comes to your own advertising efforts, make sure your ads are speaking to the right audience and reflect the customers and communities you serve.

Do your values shine through in your messaging?

In times of uncertainty, Americans look for clear direction and a shared sense of values. They have a desire to support businesses that are part of the solution and want to feel like they’re making a difference with every purchase. No matter where you choose to engage with your customers, whether it’s through video advertising, your website, or on social media, you’ll create a stronger sense of community by making your values known.

In what ways can you make a difference in your local community?

There’s never been a better time to give back and show support for the people, businesses, and organizations that keep your community thriving. Use your influence to inspire local consumers to enact positive change in both big and small ways. At Spectrum Reach, we believe businesses thrive when communities connect. While today’s consumers have high expectations for the brands and businesses they frequent, our team of local marketing experts can help you reach the right audience on any screen with authentic, relevant messaging. 

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