Tired of working from the same home office? A Charlotte company has the fix for that

Recess is helping local businesses bring in additional revenue while also allowing work from home employees to switch up their home office views for the day

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A Charlotte entrepreneur has developed an idea that will meet the demands of work-from-home employees while also benefitting local businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The future of a hybrid work setting, where companies offer employees the opportunity to work remotely, has been widely discussed as companies have found success with workers being out of the office during business hours.

“Restaurants and breweries are looking for additional revenue streams as capacity limits and general economic headwinds against them have led to them looking for more ways to make a profit,” said Jay Schaeffer, founder of Recess.

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Schaeffer’s company has a goal of helping local businesses while providing remote working professionals additional flexible workspaces. This could be at a restaurant, a brewery, or any other location that isn’t your normal office.

For many workers, their job may no longer offer a big skyscraper work office and they want to get out of the house. That’s expected to become increasingly true for employees who are no longer provided a work office out of the house after the pandemic. Even still, many people who have been working from home for over a year are getting tired of staring at the same four walls. Which is why Schaeffer is creating options.

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The first location is at Wood Robot in Charlotte’s South End. Flexible workspaces at the brewery just launched Monday, March 15, but it will soon be one of many options. 

“Our goal is to have it if you want to work in Plaza Midwood one day, and NoDa, the next, you can do that,” Schaeffer said. 

Recess has membership choices and fees to claim spaces at a local restaurant, brewery or business. Included in the fees are unlimited access, unlimited quality coffee while you work, super-fast WiFi that won’t fail you in the middle of an important meeting, as well as the opportunity to network with people in your neighborhood.

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