YouDay: Little boy finds power within

Our limp to others will at times be seen as a setback but to those who are a limp it becomes our superpower.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Have you ever found someone who understood you because they understood oh so well what you were walking through? Today on youday! Coach LaMonte shares a story of a little boy who found his superpower within his disability.

From my perspective, I love this story. The idea that a young boy could express boldness inviting others into his pain, and with that painfully embraced as his disability as well as becoming an advocate for others resembling him. Because of his limp, he could see the limp in others- and because he saw the limp in others he could identify with the rejection he experienced at times in his own life. In life we all have experienced a limp. We all have hurt in some area in our lives and that place of pain becomes an outer expression of what others may see. Our limp is our pain point, and the pain point is the one thing at times we can not hide from others.

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Our limp to others will at times be seen as a setback but to those who are a limp it becomes our superpower. The limp is an indication that we experienced a painful period but we came out of the situation with a reminder of what we overcame. When we look over our life and recall the situations that we overcame- when we embrace our victory we tap into our superpower.

I have shared this story with many individuals and the question I ask is have you locked arms with someone who has experienced your pain? There are so many people who walk through painful experiences but feel alienated when others can not express empathy for what someone is walking through. We must remember that to show our vulnerability is an extension of our superpower. This acknowledgment enables us to show humanity and shows that we understand pain. I implore you to not only know your pain but share your pain. When you share you connect. When you connect you expand the power of healing. When you heal it’s easier to love. And when you love you are stronger in your limp! 

-Coach LaMonte

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