December 1, 2023

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PRIDE AWARDS 2024 - "It Takes a Community"

The Revelry at
Camp North End

From the Publisher


Hello and welcome to the 2024 November edition of Pride Magazine

After a 30-year celebration last year, we are shifting gears. Pride Awards 2024 is set to focus on the Charlotte community as a whole and its efforts to create a better quality of life for all its citizens. This year’s program will be a highly nuanced luncheon experience, recognizing achievement in underserved neighborhoods, uplifting nonprofits making a difference in the lives of those in need and acknowledging  Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) endeavors of our sponsors.


As one of the top 20 fastest growing cities in America, Charlotte is experiencing a population boom.  According to research by the Charlotte Regional Business Alliance, approximately 113 people moved here DAILY between 2021 and 2022. This kind of growth comes with consequences, good and bad. In addition, this kind of growth emphasizes the need for us to continue to invest in our neighborhoods and people who need it the most. “It Takes a Community” will highlight some of our successes and encourage us to do more so that no one is left behind. 


The mission of our annual Pride Awards event has always been to honor achievement in the African-American community, raise funds for worthy causes and to promote diversity and inclusion throughout the city. This year’s luncheon will be no exception, as we will use our theme to create a unique “gathering” of Charlotte citizens from across the county to share commonalities of interest, attitudes, culture and history.


We are planning to present three prestigious awards at our 2024 luncheon:

  1. The Pride Outstanding Nonprofit Award (including a substantial monetary donation)
  2. The Pride Neighborhood Excellence Award
  3.  The Pride Corporate CSR Award


  • To take time out to learn and grow
  • To develop new relationships
  • To have fun
  • To leave with a heightened sense of appreciation for our city

What to wear

Relaxed, casual attire is recommended. Culturally specific attire welcomed.

Date and time

Thursday, February 8

11 a.m.:  MIX AND MINGLE



We have a NEW VENUE for Pride Awards 2024!


              701 KESWICK AVENUE  28206

There is a great parking garage at this venue with the first three hours free. Thereafter, the cost is $5.

Note: If you are unfamiliar with Camp North End, please plan to leave early as finding the Revelry can be a bit confusing. We will have volunteers there to help direct you. 

How to attend

 Purchase tickets and tables online at or call 704-375-9553 to make reservations or inquire about sponsorships. 

Final thoughts

We are excited about our new location at the Revelry!  Did you know the word revelry means noisy and festive? It signifies a fun time and that’s what we are planning for Pride Awards 2024. It will be an unprecedented “COMMUNITY GATHERING” with Pride flava and lots of perks. You should really be there.  

See you soon, Dee

Charlotte African Art Gallery Offers Authentic Experiences

By Kurtavia Burton

Highlighting a culture — authentically

One of the first of its kind, the gallery showcases an exquisite collection of paintings, sculptures, and jewelry from more than 10 countries. The passion, precision and craftsmanship is evident as you enter the gallery. From the mezzanine floor aesthetic to curated wall space, Real African Art exhibits pieces that exude a sense of heritage, resilience and family.

With exposure and each piece of art purchased from the gallery, lives are being changed locally for the buyer and internationally for the artist. The real payoff is the rewarding moments of visibility for the artists and helping artists provide for their families and community back home in Zimbabwe and various countries, Ganda said.

"I am very proud of this gallery, which provides rewarding moments again and again,” said Ganda. “The goal is to encourage the artists, showcase culture and heritage through art, positively impact the community, and exhilarate our visitors through authentic art and representing Africa with a genuine experience,” he added.

Truly real African Art

Like other art galleries and museums, Real African Art seeks to showcase vibrant pieces handcrafted by masters of their craft. The significance of art and culture is carved and painted into each collection. Only real African art — brilliant blends of traditional and contemporary works — is for sale in the art gallery.

The stone sculptures from Zimbabwe makeup the gallery's core, with soapstone being the parent stone. Paintings and other artifacts are from Tanzania, Ghana, Nigeria, Zambia, Malawi, Kenya and South Africa, to name a few. Most of the art featured in the gallery come from artists who are Mr. Ganda’s close friends and associates who he has known for quite some time, he said. Various themes and cultures are featured among the art pieces featured in the gallery.

Real African Art Gallery offers an authentic African experience and atmosphere of finely crafted, awe-inspiring pieces. The art gallery celebrates culture and heritage and elevates African artists to encourage hope, friendship and collaboration, said Ganda.

Fruitful collaborations

Real African Art is open for business, seeking local collaborations, fostering connections, and providing awareness of African culture. Through partnerships and alliances, the gallery's impact increases, business expands and artists grow and prosper, Ganda said. Recently, the art gallery partnered with the University of North Carolina at Charlotte to teach students the business of owning an art gallery. With this training and exposure, students got an inside look at creativity and business.

Visit to learn more.


Everything Art in Charlotte - We're back with even MORE news about the Charlotte performing arts scene. What can we say—there's so much to do and see in the Queen City this fall!

🎶 Children's Theatre of Charlotte is hosting "Tired Souls—The Montgomery Bus Boycott" on October 7 & 8 and "Life Doesn't Frighten Me" from November 4-19

🎶 The Harvey B. Gantt Center is featuring "Where the Sun Shines" until October 29🎶 The Mint Museum presents Walter Scott Lenox and American Belleek from now through January 21, 2024For information on how to get tickets to these great events, take a look at our piece on all things Charlotte arts this fall:



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