Special Section Bank of America — How Diverse Companies Can Build Their Business Pipeline

As our community slowly begins to emerge from the pandemic, we know that small and diverse businesses are experiencing a slower economic recovery. Pride Magazine interviewed Kieth Cockrell, President of Bank of America Charlotte and Vonshe Jenkins, Bank of America’s Supplier Diversity and Responsible Sourcing Executive, to hear their advice on how diverse companies can build their business pipeline.…

CMS Needs More Latino Teachers

By Alicia Benjamin Approximately 60 million Latinos live in the U.S., which represents 18.5% of the population, according to the latest U.S. Census Bureau statistics. In Charlotte, Latinos make up 14.3 percent of the population or about 133,000 people. But in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (CMS), where the Latino population is 27%, only 2.3% of the teachers are Latino, according to the 2020-21 CMS School Diversity Report. …
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Language Immersion Programs Nurture and Grow Global Citizens

By Alicia Benjamin Knowing a second language in our globalized world economy is increasingly becoming a necessary skill for students in the U.S., as people from diverse cultures are connecting more frequently. If students in this country want to compete with those around the world, language learning will need to become a central part of school curriculum, starting in the early grades, according to the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL).…

CLOSING THE WEALTH GAP SUMMIT 2021!! Presented By: Truist Bank • Hosted By: Pride Magazine

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The need for Charlotte’s Black Community to focus on WEALTH CREATION is more important now than ever. Research shows that 44% of Black households lack sufficient saving or assets to pay for basic needs beyond 3 months. In addition, 1 in 3 Black households in Charlotte have a zero net worth and over 60% do not have savings through traditional retirement accounts.…
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An ‘Artivist’ Takes Art to the People

By Angela M. Haigler Rosalia Torres-Weiner is a creative force of nature. Her determination to express herself creatively was evident early, as she used her art to entertain her siblings in a tumultuous family environment. In her teens, she told her parents she wanted to be an artist.…
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How Pride Public Relations Became a Top Charlotte Agency

By Sonja Whitemon A 20-year-old Johnson C. Smith University student had no idea how a basic college internship would chart the course for her life. “Neph” Nepheterra Best was paired with Dee Dixon, now publisher of Pride Magazine for a role that was supposed to be a writing internship, simply writing articles for the magazine, which was owned by The Charlotte Observer at the time.…
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Black Youth Suicide Rates Are Rising — Here’s How You Can Help

The suicide rate of Black youth is rising faster than any other demographic.[1] Black children under 13 are more likely to die by suicide than white children. What’s happening to our kids?

The Same Problems As 100 Years Ago

Unsurprisingly, researchers have found that racial discrimination (not to mention the social stress of being LGBTQ+) damages children’s mental health.…
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My Pandemic Road Trips

By Dee Dixon Charleston, S.C. Most of you know I love to travel internationally. Of course, the pandemic put a serious dent in my plans. I had two trips booked for 2020, one to England and one to Amsterdam when COVID-19 literally destroyed my dreams.…