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Finding Home: Teens Transitioning from Homeless to Independent Living

Home: Teens Transitioning from Homeless to Independent Living By Sonja Whitemon While many young people are thinking about sports, proms and graduating, some can only think of where they will sleep at night. There are so many teens who have nowhere to go, they are living out of cars, living on the streets and couch surfing.…
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Harvesting Humanity Inspires Youth to Solve Domestic and Global Problems

By John Burton Jr. Education-related inequity remains a concerning issue in many underserved communities. Various challenges, such as insufficient allocation of resources, limited human capital and lack of motivation, impede not only the learning outcomes of individual students but also the educational progress of the entire community.…
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Making It Work: The Business of Art

Charlotte creatives discuss how they live and survive as artists By Alicia Benjamin Creativity takes courage. That’s what Henri Matisse, one of the most famous painters of the 20th century, said. And his contemporary and friend Pablo Picasso said, “Every child is an artist.”…

A New Leadership
Academy Is Building a Pipeline
of C-Level Executives in Ch

By Anders J. Hare American Leadership Academy (AALA), managed by One Catalyst Consulting, wascreated to nurture, grow and expand the pool of African American leaders in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg region in a supportive space. The nonprofit is educating and nurturing its fellows,Black professionals in the area, to serve as top level executives for private and nonprofitcorporations.In…
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DINK In The City – Rosy Crumpton

DINK (Dual Income No Kids) life is a culture that my husband, Brandon, and I have been a part of for our 15+ years of marriage. Much respect to DINKS by choice, but our DINK life origin didn’t begin that way.…
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Awards recognize projects that preserve and protect Charlotte’s architectural heritage    Museum to honor Mecklenburg County Manager Dena R. Diorio with Charlotte Gem Award and Catawba Nation’s Cultural Center with Excellence in Preservation Award CHARLOTTE, N.C. – The Charlotte Museum of History will honor winners of the annual Charlotte Gem Preservation Awards at the museum’s premier fundraising event on Thursday, May 9, at The Revelry in historic Camp North End.…


Came here for taco Tuesday last night….and I didn’t even get tacos. Lol. However, I DID get their magnificent queso! Such a deliciously unique taste! My guess is it’s in large part because of the addition of sherry and caramelized onion.…

Krustaceans Seafood – Eating with Panther Pride

Ok, I’d heard of this place before but was today years old finding out how good it is! When you get a craving for fried fish, like I often do as a good Southern girl, here’s your go-to spot. It’s located in an unassuming space in a strip mall off Yorkmont Road, but don’t let that deter you.…