Came here for taco Tuesday last night….and I didn’t even get tacos. Lol. However, I DID get their magnificent queso! Such a deliciously unique taste! My guess is it’s in large part because of the addition of sherry and caramelized onion. Order this! Now the chicken taquitos were ok–good amount of filling but I could’ve used a bit more heat, both in terms of temperature (they arrived lukewarm) and spice. My companion loved the shrimp taco and mahi taco. I remember having the short rib taco years ago and was pleased. So I guess I’ll have to stick to tacos on taco Tuesday here from now on.  Our waiter was great. The atmosphere was loud & lively, as you might expect. Oh, and I thoroughly enjoyed the cranberry ginger margarita with rosemary–3 of my favorite flavors–so I guess it tracks.

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