It’s not too late to add florals to your wardrobe

By LaShanda Millner-Murphy

There are many myths associated with “floral print” conversation.  People say, “floral prints are only for the spring /summer wardrobe,” floral prints cannot be worn by full-figured women” and floral prints are only for garden parties and/or weddings. Be assured, these are all myths. There is no fashion etiquette rules stating that florals have a certain season, shape or space that it must be worn in. There are acceptable ways to build floral creativity in your wardrobe. The options are flattering on EVERYONE, meaning the apple, pear, straight, hour glass shapes wearing them in your workplace and social settings.

Wearing florals in the workplace (corporate/ entrepreneur) leads to the most popular floral question …Are floral prints going to make me look too girly, show the “lack of” my authority role and cause me not be taken seriously?” You can feel more confident in floral dressing when selecting the appropriate prints for your body type while learning some smart styling tips.”

However, there are some workplace no-no’s.  For example, do not wear an entire light colored floral print outfit, large bold colored floral prints, and style designs that are too“sexy” or floral print pants.

There are ways to feel and look confident in florals by following these tips:

  • Modern Florals– abstracts, watercolors, symmetrical prints
  • Dark Florals- choose solid navy or black background florals with a muted tone accent color in the pattern
  • Floral Accents– choose jewelry, statement necklace, scarves, handbags to a solid
  • Classic Floral– black and white floral print is almost like wearing the black/white pinstripe suit
  • Basic Blazers– layer a floral dress with a white, navy, gray or black blazer which will add pop to the colors in your floral ensemble
  • Conservative Silhouette– choose a   floral “sheath” dress style …keep it basic
  • Floral Pencil Skirt– add a solid clean line top/blouse
  • Floral Blazers- pair it with a “neutral” color dress

As a stylist, I truly believe women should feel powerful in any appropriate fit ensemble including floral prints. Pay attention to detail is very important in order to keep a sophisticated professional look.


LaShanda Millner-Murphy, Author of “Professionables-The Art of Being a Fashionable Professional”(