8th Annual PEEP Career Mentoring Luncheon

The Pride Entrepreneur Education Program (PEEP) is the 501c3 community outreach of Pride Magazine, serving youth in underserved communities in the metro Charlotte, NC area.

The PEEP Career Mentoring Luncheon is a ‘Power Lunch’ packed with information for college-tracked high school students! Up to 250 students get to dine with 100+ career mentors consisting of entrepreneurs, career professionals, community leaders and business executives from a variety of industries.

Students matched with professionals by areas of career goals and interests at tables of eight (five students/three mentors per) for discussion on a wide variety of career-related topics.

Included in the luncheon are:

  • Notable host and keynote speaker, along with some well-established business entrepreneurs speaking with students about their experiences, business and life.
  • Interactive breakout sessions run by experts from relevant industries (e.g. healthcare, business, creative entrepreneurship,) providing students with information, tools and handouts on the careers, NC colleges and universities that specialize in those fields.

Students gain a better understanding of what it takes to succeed in college, business and life, along with answers for some of the top questions students are asking in our in-school Career Mentoring Program.

We invite you to join us as a table sponsor in this program, which provides valuable insight, social networking skills and tools for local high school students.

For additional information on other supporting sponsorships, please contact Michelle Breland Jude at michelle@pridecommunications.net, or by phone at 980-297-1766.