Are You Playing to Win?

By Elizabeth Colen

Recently, I was watching the NBA Finals and the Golden State

Elizabeth Colen
Elizabeth Colen

Warriors were down at half-time. The commentators said, “what do you think the coach is doing right now in the locker room?”  Another commentator answered, “Three things the coach should be looking at. Are they playing hard enough? Are they playing smart enough? Are they playing with the right tools?

As a coach, his answer made me think about how we can apply this to our lives. Life is a game and a lot of us are in half-time, we need to utilize these three things in our lives. Let’s break it down.

  1. Are you playing hard enough? – Are you putting in the time to get better at your craft? Are you going to networking functions, are you taking new courses? Are you reaching out to new contacts? If not take a little time to assess where you are now at this very moment and make adjustments accordingly.
  1. Are you playing smart enough? – Are you going to every networking event or only to the ones that have your targeted market? Are you reading books that can further your career vs. a fun good book? Are you doing your follow ups? If not start today. Review what new contacts you have made and if they are your target audience send them an email, make contact. If you haven’t been to the any networking events look for the ones that fit with your business and get to it.
  1. Are you playing with the right tools? – That’s a tough one, maybe you have to shake it up a little bit. If your partner is not pulling his/her weight it may be time to change things. If you have been paying to be a member of a professional service and you are not getting any clients or referrals it may be time to look into other services. Reevaluate your team. You are only as good as your weakest player.

Remember, life is a game, play to win!

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