Artificial Intelligence Has Gone Too Far!

My recent purchase of a washer and dryer has completely unnerved me. Right now, I have zero confidence in the simple ability to wash my clothes and get them clean. Here’s the problem. These two inanimate objects want to decide (for me) how to wash and dry my clothes, and I don’t like it – at all.

Let’s start from the beginning. My washer and dryer of at least 15 or more years were beginning to look a little scary, so I decided to bite the bullet and get a new, more eye-appealing set. I made my choice based solely on aesthetic appeal, in all honesty. All my life, I’ve had boring, white washers and dryers, so when my eyes set upon a sparkling, silver-tone set, there was no turning back.

Unfortunately, things went downhill upon delivery. The dryer was dented and, as the guys brought in the washer, a piece fell out of it, at which time they immediately took it back to the truck, exclaiming I would definitely need another washer. I opted to keep the dented dryer for a discount.

After two weeks, I received another washer. It used to be, when appliances were delivered, they’d explain how to use them. Not nowadays. They run in, hook it up to the water, and run. They can’t tell you anything, because they have zero training and zero knowledge about the products they are delivering.

It gets worse. Let me share some of the so-called amenities of the washer.

  •   Zero pressure fill — (What the heck is this?)
  •   Active bacteria — (You’ve got to be kidding.)
  •   Active water — (Have I been washing with inactive water?)
  •   Delay start — (What’s the point?)
  •   Finish in — (I’m clueless.)
  •   12 washing programs — (Give me a break!)
  •   Sixth sense smart sensors — (Huh?)

HELP ME, SOMEBODY! Who needs 12 different washing programs? The detergent dispenses automatically, but I have yet to see one iota of suds during the process. Quite frankly, my clothes don’t look clean. In addition, it is supposed to save on water and energy; however, what’s the use when the clothes don’t get completely wet during the washing cycle?

What about the dryer? Listen, I’ve already had to have a new computer board put in it because it would shut down completely if I used the “quick dry” cycle. (With no reset button anywhere, the dryer had to be pulled out and unplugged from the back for it to restart.)

All I want is to easily wash and get my clothes clean and dry. An app on my phone to help me operate my washer and dryer remotely is preposterous, and why should I have to have to search on line for directions on how to operate these technological monsters?  Did I mention the stress and trauma of trying to call and get answers from the manufacturer? Well — that’s another story altogether.

Thanks for letting me vent. I’m about to give up, but perhaps ChatGPT can help me with this???

For the sake of clean clothes,