*Registration Begins August 2, 2021. Stay Connected for Further Upates*

About this event:

The need for Charlotte’s Black Community to focus on WEALTH CREATION is more important now than ever.  Research shows that 44% of Black households lack sufficient saving or assets to pay for basic needs beyond 3 months.  In addition, 1 in 3 Black households in Charlotte have a zero net worth and over 60% do not have savings through traditional retirement accounts. (UNC Charlotte Urban Institute 2019.)

Closing the Wealth Gap Summit 2021

This summit will explain why there is a racial wealth gap, while providing invaluable information and resources designed to educate, motivate and move the needle forward.  Attendees will learn about investing, saving for retirement, debt elimination, utilizing insurance and more in order to build wealth for themselves, the community and for the next generation. “Income allows a family to get by; WEALTH allows a family to get ahead!”                 

   Breakfast will be served! Door prizes and Drawings!

*Registration Begins August 2, 2021. Stay Connected for Further Upates*