Get Dressed with Jewelry: Tips You Should Know

By LaShanda Millner-MurphyLaShanda Millner-Murphy


Jewelry is a way of making getting dressed be fun and stress- free while introducing your work and style personality. Whether you like to wear style is simple, conservative or bold, intentionally including jewelry in your wardrobe will a great idea.  

Let’s get ready to build your accessorizing confidence! Jewelry is like a tool. It is part of the style equation. There are many jewelry sizes, metals and colors in stores/boutiques that allow you to have tons of styling options. Once you adopt this style tip, the next step is to determine each time the best length, size, versatility and balance for your face and neck shape that will compliment your outfit.

As a Style Coach , I feel there are QUICK TRICKS to help you get it right every time just by taking a few extra minutes to select your accessories to present your BEST style ………

Jewelry must add balance from head to toe. Standing in front of a mirror and focusing on a “balanced” look will help you determine if you are under –accessorized or over-accessorized. Every outfit should not necessarily be worn with the same amount of jewelry each day. Have fun with small and large pieces based on your total daily look.

Jewelry must be in proportion with your body, face and neck shapes. You should be in control where the “eye” will focus as your jewelry makes a statement. If done right, the focus should really end up on “you” and what you are wearing. Jewelry should not overpower or make you look weighed down from too much layering. If wearing a necklace, the length of your necklace should be determined to give the best complement for your neckline. If you don’t get these proportions right, you can easily distract people from paying “you” any attention due to the jewelry demanding more attention.

Jewelry must complement your skin tone. Jewelry should definitely coordinate with your wardrobe but also enhance your skin tone. Choosing silver, gold or rose gold will enhance the skin. This also applies to the array of gemstone colors. To be safe, gold tones look best on most women even when their skin has blue undertones.

Jewelry must be occasion appropriate. This consideration can sometimes be a bit confusing. Wearing “bling” daytime and evening has created a little twist in the past rule. With women having many styles that can be combined in one outfit (trendy, natural, dramatic, romantic, classic, creative), creates a new mindset of what to select. My advice is use your BEST judgement based on your environment and audience each time.

Jewelry must be a versatile value. Don’t buy a piece of jewelry for one outfit. Be creative and incorporate the accessory with many looks in your closet. Jewelry should be a conversation piece so don’t try to “match” it to a particular outfit. Matching the earring and necklace is   “dated” and does not allow you to be versatile. Contrast colors and shapes will create a new look for the same outfit every time.

Allow your jewelry drawers to provide FREEDOM, FUN and FABULOUS pieces that will guarantee COMPLEMENTS AND CONFIDENCE….

LaShanda Millner-Murphy, Co-Author of “Professionables-The Art of Being a Fashionable Professional”(