Heartbreak and Lessons

From the Editor

As this issue went to print, we learned that our long-time copy editor, Polly Paddock died unexpectedly. We are deeply saddened by this loss. Of course, you may not have known her but if you’ve read Pride over the years then you’ve seen her work. For the past six years, Polly and I worked as a team on each issue. I was lucky to have her by my side. She was a spunky lady who loved her family especially her grand children. My heartaches — she will be missed.


These uncertain times remind me daily that things can change quickly. COVID-19 has turned the world upside down and like many of you, I’m adjusting to the new normal. The endless days at home have reminded me of one big lesson – we are not in control. In fact, I’ve learned a few other things. Here’s what’s been on my mind:


  1. Everyone is vulnerable. This virus doesn’t care about your age, race, social status or where you live. COVID-19 has impacted people around the world in every industry in some way.
  2. The environment needed a break. I’m happy to see nature bouncing back and starting to improve. I hope on a global level that we will finally figure out how to keep this going.
  3. Being quarantined, I’ve learned that I can live with less stuff. Each day that I stare at the things I don’t use or need, I detach and want to get rid of it all. This awareness will be a permanent change in my life.
  4. Before the pandemic hit, I ate out daily and rarely cooked (maybe once every six months) but now I’m planning meals, cooking and saving money. I’ve been excited about that.
  5. Human connections are more important than ever. Checking on everyone I care about whether by call, text or email has become part of my daily routine.
  6. Solitude can bring about clarity and now is a good time for self-improvement. I’ve used some of my time to exercise more and work on projects I’ve been putting off.
  7.   Family time is priceless. One evening my adult children and I got together and spent hours looking at old photos instead of streaming a movie. It felt good to do something old school. We laughed and talked for hours in person not via Facetime.


We want to hear from you. Email us info@pridemagazine.net and tell us in 150 word or less what lessons you’ve learned during this time. Send us a photo and we’ll share it via our social media pages.



In the meantime, stay safe.