Let Your Complexion Be Your Color Guide

By Dwayne Collins
Many people find themselves asking the question, “what colors are in this season?” The proper question to ask is, ”what colors compliment my skin complexion? ”

Keep in mind ”what colors are hot this season ” come and go, but your

Dwayne Collins wears a lime green shirt to highlight how it compliments his skin tone.
Dwayne Collins wears a lime green shirt to highlight how it compliments his skin tone.

skin complexion remains the same. It is far wiser to select colors in your apparel that enhance your complexion, than to choose colors based on trends that ”in” this season.

 For example, if the trend for this season is black, and you are a dark skinned individual, would that color add to or take away from your skin complexion? The correct answer would be, it would take away from your complexion.
 Being that the apparel color is black and you are a dark skinned person, this only brings ” death ” to your complexion and does nothing to breathe ” life ” into your complexion. However, if you were to choose an article of clothing that was bright orange to wear, this would allow your skin to stand out prominently. Lighter colors work well for people with a darker complexion.
For people with lighter skin tones, dark colors work well. Can you imagine a light skinned person with a ”snow white” sweater on. The color of the sweater (snow white) literally dulls their complexion.
 The choice of a dark red shirt would be ideal for an individual with a light complexion. This color would compliment their skin beautifully.
 Take note of the photograph. In the photograph, the person (yours truly) is of a darker complexion. I have selected a lime green, polo collared, short sleeved sport shirt to wear. Examine how the lime green color gives radiance to my skin.  Let your complexion be your color guide!
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