Meet Shawn Allison, Events Curator

Known on social media as the “Black Ferris Bueller,” Shawn Allison loves exploring Charlotte and finding new adventures. His unique and often funny perspective easily excites readers (and some naysayers, too) on all the great events the city has to offer. “I love keeping people informed,” he said. “Culture revolves around everything and I want to kill the spirit of boredom a lot of people complain about.”  Join Shawn here each week as he shares a list of cool places to go and things to do around the city.


Four Things to Know About Shawn:

• He’s a huge music enthusiast and enjoys collecting old records.

• He loves to read especially books on spirituality and politics.

• He enjoys community service. “When people leave me, I hope they leave with a smile.”

• His favorite television show is the 90’s sitcom, “Martin.”