New Style Trend Alert: Rollerball Perfumes

By Majesty Acheampong

Majesty Acheampong

I love to try new fragrances, but I’m always afraid to commit to a full sized bottle. Thanks to Rollerball perfumes, I no longer have to commit to full sized bottles anymore. In the past, my desire for variety left me with many expensive perfumes bottles collecting dust in my bathroom drawer. I got tired of wasting money and wasting products, so I started to buy rollerballs; perfumes smaller counterpart. Rollerballs are my go-to now because they are travel friendly, budget friendly and they allow for easy touch ups on the go.

  1.  Travel friendly: Have you ever had to throw away a very expensive bottle of perfume at the airport because it did not meet the TSA requirements? Not anymore. Rollerballs are portable, leak proof and travel friendly. For everyday use, I also love to keep them in my purse or gym bag.
  2.  Budget Friendly: Most rollerballs cost between $20-$30 which is much cheaper than a full sized bottle of fragrance. I also love rollerballs to test out new fragrances to see how they blend with my body chemistry. I also consider rollerballs to be very budget friendly gifts. This is usually my go-to for birthday gifting.
  3. Touch up friendly: Fragrance scents tend to fade throughout the day, so keeping a rollerball handy allows you to have an easy application for a touch up. The roller applicator also allows for a very targeted application for your wrist, neck area and all of your pulse points.

Fragrance Shopping Tip: Sephora offers free fragrance sampling, so if you want to try before you buy, Sephora will grant you up to 3 samples with no purchase necessary.