No More Workout Excuses

Elizabeth Colen

By Elizabeth Colen

You have excuses, I have solutions. Good health is not just for the rich and famous. Good

Elizabeth Colen

health is an equal opportunity giver, no matter your social status or if you are rich or poor. I’m pointing that out to ask, what’s your excuse?

Here are the three excuses I hear the most from people when it comes to working out and eating right.

Excuse #1: I can’t afford a gym membership.

Solution:  “Do you get Starbucks every day”? Let’s just said you did and you just got the basic large coffee $3.95 that’s $118.50 a month. Do you eat out for lunch every day at work? Yes, and I know you get that lunch special for $7.99, well my friend that’s about $160 a month for that. Keep in mind they have gym memberships for as low as $9 a month. Now if you can’t afford the $9 dollars a month I have a few free ways you can still get your workout on

For cardio you can jog, hike, bike, swim or it can be as simple as walking up and down your stairs at home. Just make sure you are consistent and do at least 20-30 minutes 3 times a week.

Excuse #2: I hate working out.

Solution:  “Do you hate being overweight, unhealthy and fatigued? Which do you really hate more?” Look there are a lot of things we must do in this world that we may “hate” in order to thrive. Some people hate going to work every day but they go because they have responsibilities. Think of working out as one of the things in life you must do, like eating, drinking, breathing, going to work and now working out.

Excuse #3: What’s the point, you’re going to die either way? Life is short and I want to enjoy it.

Solution:  “What if it isn’t short? What if you live a long time”? Oh no, all that good living has caught up to you and now you can’t even walk around your block. Let’s treat our bodies as if we love it and want it to last in good working order as long as it can. Think of it this way, when you get a fancy new car, you are all on top of it’s maintenance. You even go a step further, you get it washed and polished on a regular basis so it looks good as new for as long as it can. Unlike that car, when your body breaks down, you can’t trade it in for a new one, you only get one body treat it right!

Was your excuse on the list? I hope so because now you have the solution. No more excuses, remember good health is for all. Not just for the rich and famous.

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