Style Trend for Men: How to Wear The Plain Front Trouser

By Dwayne Collins

As a stylist, it seems everywhere I go most men are wearing plain front trousers. Gentlemen, the plain front trouser is a nice wardrobe option however, there are some important tips to consider.

  1. First, plain front trousers are ideal for a man with a slender or athletic build.
  1. Plain front trousers tend to be “slim fitting” and would not be flattering on a man with a stout or portly physique. The same holds true for a man with large thighs. The plain front trouseshutterstock_164312867r would only draw attention to the width of his thighs.

3. When wearing any style pants, when sit down your hips automatically expand. The plain front trouser does not afford much material for hip expansion. So if a portly,  or stout man with large hips were to wear this style, it would place undue stress or tension on the side seams of the trouser. This will cause the trouser to wear out or not fit properly  and should be reconsidered as an option.

4. Finally, when wearing plain front trousers, do not place a crease in them. A crease on this type of trouser does not extend to the waistband. A crease creates a look of ” imperfection ” in the trouser ( destroying the flow of verticality within the trouser ).

Dwayne Collins is proprietor of Sartorial Servant Wardrobe Consulting Firm. For more information email Dwayne Collins at or call 704 777 4313.