Blog By Angela Lindsay

Sundays in Charlotte are notoriously set aside by hundreds of us in the city for one thing and one thing only—save church and football games—and that is, BRUNCH. And by brunch, I mean an occasion where you arrive at a restaurant during the late morning-early afternoon hours and leave when the restaurant kicks you out so they can begin prep for dinner service or your loved ones send a search party to find you—whichever comes first. 

I recently enjoyed being missing in action at a 4+ hour long stint at the increasingly cultish brunch buffet at Supperland. Now, usually the idea of a buffet would make my skin crawl, but this was an all-together different experience. 

Located inside the former First Church of Christ in Plaza Midwood, this gorgeously appointed space is open and bright with a high ceiling of exposed beams and plenty of natural light flooding inside from the many large curtain-less paneled windows. The decor is clean and chic with the hardwood floors and painted brick walls giving a touch of farmhouse rustic. 

Ok on to the food…

First of all, the cinnamon rolls are, decidedly, the entire DEVIL. Rich, luscious, and oh so buttery. Like, I think I could see the actual butter they baked into those bad boys. I imagine most people would opt to have these rolls dripping in icing, but not here! The slight dollop of cream cheese icing on top was more than enough to complement that delightful dough. Do NOT miss them. 

No matter what you are in the mood for, you will find a smorgasbord of offerings for every palate. Seafood lovers—you couldn’t miss the fresh shrimp cocktail and raw oysters if you tried, as a constant rotation of servers routinely walked from table to table with trays of them to offer patrons. 

The shrimp & grits were sneaky both in taste (authentic & delicious) and in location, being almost tucked away near the skewer station from which you can choose: prime rib, grilled shrimp or veggie. 

The frittata station changes seasonally but always contains juicy housemade sausage patties that one of companions raved about and well-cooked thick-ish slices of bacon which I thoughtlessly nibbled on like candy. 

The brussels sprouts with Dijon, lemon, bacon fat, lardons and pecans are solid—cause how could they not be with those ingredients. Also, get a scoop of the crispy breakfast potatoes seasoned with a flavorful dusting of something savory. 

On the “buffet” itself, you’ll find an assortment of tiny pastries like macarons, bite-sized cupcakes and mini mousses. The lobster deviled eggs definitely got my attention, but I’ll have to come back for the buttermilk biscuits with carrot cake jam because by this point my stomach was actively working against me. 

For a little lighter fare, try the smoked salmon tartines, cucumber and pimento cheese tea sandwiches, ambrosia salad,

seasonal jello (love that!), mixed greens salad and other items. There are even

gluten-free banana mini muffins. (I told ya, there’s something here for everyone!)

When we were first seated at our table, we were greeted with plates of sliced grilled pineapple with basil. It was a uniquely sweet and smoky bite to start the grazing process. 

To quench your thirst, there is an array of inventive cocktails, mocktails, teas and coffee for an additional purchase.

For the fanciest among you, you have the option of traditional Osetra caviar or classic Osetra caviar served with blinis, crème fraîche, egg salad, chives. Ooo la la!

All of this food, by the way, is served on the prettiest dishes you could imagine. I mean, I was even impressed by the lovely presentation of my tea service. 

Don’t forget to pop into their sister cocktail bar right next door with its poppy green and purple color scheme and beautifully shelved bottles. 

Before you go, be put on notice about two things: 

  1. You need to make a reservation and pay the $65 cost up front. There is no refund or cancellation; although, you may transfer your resy to another person. 
  2. Parking. It’s Plaza Midwood….so there isn’t any. LOL! Actually, there is a pay-to-park lot on The Plaza a couple blocks away. Just make sure you DO pay. I happened upon a meter maid casually placing tickets on vacant vehicles when I pulled in. If you’re lucky, which you won’t be, there’s street parking as well. Otherwise, use Uber or Lyft.

Well done, Supperland! I’ll be back.