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The Rundown of Things to Do: Thursday, February 6- Sunday, February 9

By: Shawn D. Allison, II   Greetings everyone! Hope you all have had a great weekend. But the weekend is here and so is The Rundown and it is chock full of cultural flyness! I will be out spreading the love to all this Sunday afternoon on the turntables at my event “Bueller’s Black Love Boogie: Vinyltine’s Day 2020” so please be sure to come through and get some of this musical magic!…

The Rundown of Things to Do: Thursday, June 27- Monday, July 1

By Shawn D. Allison, II Greetings Brothers and Sisters! I hope you all have had a wonderful week. But here we are, free at last – until Monday, at least. There’s lots to do this weekend and as a special surprise, yours truly, The Black Ferris Bueller will be rockin’ the turntables this Sunday at Tip Top Daily Market!…
2018 November/December

Saving Those Pennies: Financial Tips for Seniors

  By Angela Lindsay The concept of saving those pennies for a rainy day, which we were taught to do as children, may come in handy as we start thinking about our retirement years. However, for many seniors, money problems are already an unfortunate reality.…
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3 Powerful Networking Tips

By Eddie D. Love  Spring has sprung and the summer solstice is rapidly approaching! I’m no meteorologist, but I’m almost certain that we’re in for another scorching hot summer here in the Queen City! You do know what that means, right?…

Call Your Creditors and Save Now

By Marsha Barnes Have you ever been fed up with the bills that you pay monthly? You’re unaware of how much you pay over each month, why you’re paying it, what fees are being added and whose to blame for the light bill being so high (…cut those lights off).…