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How to Meditate in 5 Minutes

By Micheal Sinclair

Learning how to meditate can be an important part of gaining focus. Here are a few tips to get you started.

1.  Close your eyes and begin to notice your breath. Just notice how it feels to breathe. In and out through the nose if possible. 

When you are ready, begin to count your breaths (in your mind). Inhale then exhale that’s one. Inhale then exhale that is two. Take long, deep breaths.

It helps to imagine each number as you say it in your mind. Get creative! Make your numbers look however you’d like.

2.  Throughout meditation, you will lose focus and your thoughts will wander to other things. They may even become discouraging about meditation. That’s okay!

When you notice your thoughts have drifted away from counting simply return your focus back to the breath and begin again from where you left off.

3.  You’ll probably hear a voice in your head say “Get up!” DON’T GET UP! Think of it as a challenge if you need to. We’re only counting to 50!

We’re so used to being busy that it’s difficult for us to sit still in the beginning and we make excuses to get up but fight that urge!

It’s important to remember not to become upset at your  thoughts. Watch them as they come but don’t get attached to them! They will pass.

4.  As you get further in the count, notice how you feel. As we make our bodies still, our minds naturally follow. Try to lengthen your breath more and more.

5.  At breath 50, you’ve done it! You just meditated for (approximately 5 minutes! Go you! Now go around again! Five minutes is good but 10 minutes is ideal. 

Micheal Sinclair is a Yoga Teacher, Meditation coach, writer, and social entrepreneur serving Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas. Be sure to follow @Michealsinclair on Instagram for more tips on Yoga and meditation and check out his website at michealsinclair.com 

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