8 Tips to Transition into your Fall Wardrobe

LaShanda Millner-Murphy
LaShanda Millner-Murphy

By Lashanda Millner-Murphy

Sunny skies, sandy beaches, sunscreen, swimsuits and shorts may be put to rest for 2016, but let me put some sunshine back in your life by sharing these transitional wardrobe tips that will have you loving fall wardrobe this season.

Your winter style does not have to consist of muted colors and heavy fabrics. You can still be on trend with minor changes and additions to the wardrobe that will give you many style options and warmth for the next four months. As a fashion image coach, I always recommend investing in a wardrobe that’s not only versatile in style but also in seasonal transitional pieces. The weather in the Carolinas will allow you to stretch that summer wardrobe into the fall/winter months. Here are some tips and strategies.

ONE QUICK TIP to make the transition fun and easy. Remember cotton and cotton blends are fabrics that work into all winter wardrobes. Cotton will wick away moisture from your skin and will evaporate.

  • Layer Up – Add knits, blazers and jackets of different textures and structures and ponchos on top of some summer cotton dresses
  • Layer Under- Add stretch cotton colorful turtlenecks and/or sheer blouses under a sleeveless sheath dress.
  • Leg Up- Add Lycra and/or knit colorful leggings to fashionable/formal shorts and neutral color summer dresses/skirts
  • Scarf Up- Start with pashminas and as it gets cooler use heavier wrapped scarves over some of your summer casual shirts and blouses
  • Winterize Accessories- Add suede bags, wool wide brim hats and heavier stoned necklaces paired with your new winter overcoat
  • Cover the toes- Exchange the open toe shoes with closed toe pumps, wedges, calf length boot and booties with some of your summer styles
  • Bold Statement Overcoats/Jackets- Layer the cotton blended summer dress with a fur collar overcoat or short leather statement jacket other than black
  • Texture the Bottom- Invest in textured skirts and/or pants to pair back with some of your sheer blouses or cotton shirts

There are lots of ways to winterize the wardrobe. Most of the time the items are right there in your closet. You can always add a few fresh pieces such as shoes, boots and coats but don’t over think it, just find ways to stay warm!

LaShanda Millner-Murphy, Co-Author of “Professionables-The Art of Being a Fashionable Professional”(amazon.com)