A Feel Good Glow – Do You Have One?

Robin Fonsha

By Robin Fonsha

It was a lazy Sunday afternoon and my husband and I were chilling on the sofa. He was doing his thing (flipping between golf and any other sport he could find); and I was doing my thing (reading articles social media). Ahh, so peaceful. Then the glowing started. “What is that?!”

“That” is my new love, a 24-ounce teal, heavy duty BPA free water bottle.  It’s not just any water bottle!  It’s the latest fusion of technology that reminds you to stay hydrated, glows, tracks your water intake and wirelessly syncs across numerous social applications. As vital as water is to our survival, most of us don’t consume sufficient amounts throughout our day.

Here are some tips on how this gadget can help you stay hydrated and change your life.

1. It can create accountability – Thirty seconds of a glowing light is an alarm that cannot be ignored! Sometimes we must be forced to stop what it is that we’re doing, and do what is important, necessary or required. Don’t you need a kick in the pants every once in a while?

2. It can evoke self-care – In the numerous roles we play as we serve others, we generally forget to include ourselves. We, too, can create the time and space to address our own needs and desires. You deserve that for yourself, right?

3. It can elevate your spirits – As water bottles go, this cutie could be considered a bit of a splurge. When spending in our giving to others, we don’t think twice. Celebrate yourself and shower a little love on you too! What would you otherwise splurge on, solely because it makes you feel special?

My glowing water bottle offers a simple, daily consciousness that addresses my needs in a significant way. Carve a piece of love in your life, even if its from something as simple as a water bottle. Be intentional in appreciating a feel good glow that belongs only to you!

Robin Fonsha has been coaching since 2004. Contact her at RobinFonsha@gmail.com