Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy Names New CEO

Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy announced Toussaint Romain as its new Chief Executive Officer. Dedicated to providing legal representation to those who are unable to afford it, and advocating for policies that increase economic opportunity and mobility for the Charlotte community, Romain’s experience, leadership and passion for justice will serve the Advocacy Center well as it enters a new chapter of impact and growth.

“I have been offered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to join Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy to fight for access to justice and utilize our legal system as a tool for economic opportunity and upward mobility for all. I am humbled to lead a team of advocates who are dedicated to fighting for our community,” said Romain.

Romain previously served as Deputy General Counsel for Appalachian State University and Assistant Public Defender in Mecklenburg County, representing thousands of individuals through this work.