Dress Your Best with Spring/Summer Colors


By LaShanda Millner-Murphy

There’s nothing like the joy of spring and warm summer weather to put you in the mood to put away the muted color tights, coats and scarves and move in the brighter colors and lighter weight fabrics. Get ready the for the hot new looks from the runway – garden floral prints and the silky fabrics.

The spring palette is 10 colors that can be “mixed and matched” to create 10 great looks in your wardrobe. This season’s colors will allow you to learn the “art of an interchangeable” fun and creative wardrobe.   A key wardrobe concept is interchangeability. Yes, it’s a long word but not to worry, because it only means to have fewer specific pieces/colors, but many possible combinations. These “cool colors” will have every body type and skin tone feeling like a styling expert and looking great without breaking the budget.

shutterstock_351765458Let’s step into the 3 easy zone process of interchangeable spring/summer looks:

ZONE ONE: Choose your core item – From the color collection, choose the colors that express your individuality but yet looks best closest to your face. The face is usually the first focal point of attention.

ZONE TWO: Let the fun begin and explore: Treat the 2016 color palette like a color wheel, start “combining” the Primary, Complementary, Analogous, Monochromatic and Neutral colors to create your looks.

Primary—Buttercup/Green, Flash/ Snorkel Blue

Complementary– Peach Echo/ Limpet Shell, Green Flash/ Fiesta

Analogous (colors that blend) SnorkelBlue/Limpset Shell, Buttercup/Green Flash

Monochromatic-(same colors, different shades) Rose Quartz/Peach Echo, Serenity Blue/Snorkel Blue

Neutral– Iced Coffee/Snorkel Blue, Iced Coffee/Fiesta

ZONE THREE: Accent pieces – Remember to find an unique way to fit your personality in all the combinations and let go of the generic looks by adding jewelry, scarves and handbags that will turn your core pieces into a functional, fun and fabulous wardrobe.

We have now created the 10 looks for your spring/summer wardrobe that can be worn for work and/or play. Don’t forget our 1920’s color combination that has taken the forefront of all the colors and known to be gender friendly: Rose Quartz/ Serenity Blue. From denim, to a blouse/t-shirt, makeup, lipstick, nail polish and shoes…. These partners are the new ‘black and white” combinations. Let the Styling Begin!!

LaShanda Millner-Murphy, Fashion Image Coach and Co-Author of “Professionables” (amazon.com)