IOR Global Services Helps International Employees Settle in to New Communities

By Ryan Kouame

Noel Kreicker started IOR Global Services after he returned from a “failed” expatriate assignment in the 1970s in Colombia. Kreicker said he was determined to make the expat transition easier so international employees could succeed in their living and working environments while abroad.

Entrepreneur Rob Burns purchased IOR from Kreicker in 2010, and since the acquisition, IOR has invested heavily in its people, processes and technology to provide quality service for its clients and employees, said Corey Novotny, marketing manager at IOR Global Services. IOR holds the prestigious EuRA Global Quality Seal and has received numerous client and industry awards for its responsiveness, customization and problem-solving capabilities. The company has over 2,000 consultants worldwide  and provides services in more than 70 countries.

IOR’s integrated suite of services includes destination services, language and cultural training to help ease the transition of moving to a new land by providing stability and support during the relocation process. The company works closely with clients to provide customized solutions that best meet the specific needs and budgets of employees and their families so they can settle in, adapt and thrive in their new communities and roles.

Most of IOR’s representatives readily empathize with clients based on their personal experiences of living and working abroad, Novotny said. Destination consultants give tours to expats that include an introduction to various communities and neighborhoods, local attractions, sample housing and school options, transportation options, grocery stores, places of worship and other community resources.

“It was great having our IOR Consultant helping us on the ground here in Charlotte,” said an IOR client who recently relocated to Charlotte. “We found her extremely approachable, fast in response, and most importantly, she could guide us well ahead of time and with far more detailed information than anticipated. I think she is truly a professional  ,but at the same time, she has a personal touch. She understands the expectations that we have as people who are experiencing the U.S. for the very first time,” said a client who relocated to Charlotte.

First impressions of a new country can have a significant impact on how well expatriates adjust to their new environment. With the help of IOR Global representatives, the experience of trying to feel at home in a new country doesn’t have to be filled with anxiety. It could feel more like an adventure.