Leadership with Purpose

Truist’s Rai Glover is a ray of light at work and in the community

When you talk to Raichelle “Rai” Glover, one thing is immediately apparent — she loves people. In fact, when asked what the most important part of her job at Truist is, she is quick to reply, “making a positive difference in the lives of others — whether it’s clients, teammates or community.”

This passion to serve — fulfilling a purpose greater than her own — has been grounding and a guiding light in her life, both personally and professionally. At every stop in her banking career – first at Bank of America and now at Truist, where she serves as market president and leads the commercial banking team covering the Charlotte region — she has worked to bring the power of positivity and purpose to those she encounters. She considers it a blessing that she has achieved a leadership role with Truist, a purpose-led company that leads with care.

“We’re going to make the numbers and achieve financial goals; and I believe that life is bigger than what’s on a spreadsheet,” said Glover. “It’s about making a positive difference in the lives of others. It’s about not being self-consumed. I try each day to live a life of/and with purpose, and I am blessed to work with phenomenal bankers and partners at Truist who feel the same way.”

She freely credits her teammates as being true partners in service to Truist’s clients, noting it is rewarding to work with clients throughout their personal and business life cycles. She applauds how teammates work together to meet the needs of customers. Truist offers an aspect of authentic care — and that’s different.

“At Truist, local matters to us … and we are here at the right place and the right time to serve.”

Her focus on doing “right” by others and a strong faith were instilled in her by her parents, Benjamin and Lilease. Both longtime educators, her father taught architectural engineering for 54 years and her mother taught French and English for 60 years in higher education settings.

Being the youngest of six children, she says, “I’m a product of my parents. They instilled in us the notion of working hard, maintaining a positive attitude and not taking oneself too seriously.” She fondly remembers truisms that her parents would share. “A couple of my favorites that I have shared with my own children are: ‘It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice’ and ‘There are no big I’s and little u’s (you),’ meaning everyone is important.”

These and other truisms, like ‘be watchful and prayerful,’ have guided her during her banking journey, which has included holding over 10 different leadership positions in various banking segments and states.

“At Truist, our purpose is to inspire and build better lives and communities; so, I ask my team regularly to share how the work they did positively impacted, inspired and/or helped to better the lives of others then we talk about how we can do even better tomorrow.”

That type of thinking is foundational at Truist and is evident across operations, with focus on clients, teammates and stakeholders. “I’m encouraged that leaders in our community are inspired by the purpose through which Truist aspires to lead and live,” said Glover.

“When people ask for advice,” she said, “I encourage them to watch for ‘paralysis by analysis.’ It disrupts one’s ability to proceed. Give more than you receive. The “dash” between our birth date and death date really matters. It goes faster than we think!”

When not working, she enjoys quality time and traveling with her family. She also enjoys reading and aspires to join a bowling league again one day. She and her husband, Lewis, have been married 25 years and have two children, Austin, a recent graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and Ashley, a sophomore at Wake Forest University.

Although Rai once stepped away from her previous career for several years to care for and spend time with her parents prior to their passing, she’s honored to be back serving her community. “I see my role as serving; it’s not about a title,” she said. “Working for a company that is purpose-led is a powerful thing in my life and I look forward to what’s yet to come.”