Part 2: Pleated Trousers are for Every “Body”

By Dwayne Collins
In my last column, I discussed the importance of the plain front trouser and how to wear them properly. Now let’s discuss the pleated trouser is without question perfect for men of all body types ( slender, athletic or portly ). Unlike a plain front trouser, where the crease does not extend to the waistband, the crease on the pleated trouser extends to the waistband. Because the crease extends to the waistband, a look of “completion”  is afforded to the trouser, the trouser crease has a proper start and ending point.
Being that the pleats allow the crease to be uninterrupted in it’s vertical flow, this gives a slimmer, leaner appearance to a portly man and a longer, taller look to a short man.

This style of trouser provides room for the expanding of the hips

Stylist Dwayne Collins wears pleated trousers.
Stylist Dwayne Collins wears pleated trousers.

when one sits down. As a result of furnishing enough material for hip expansion, it reduces the tension on the side seams of the trouser. Thus preventing the trouser to wear out rapidly.

 There are two types of pleat features. One is the reverse pleat and the other is the forward pleat. The reverse pleat (as shown in the photograph ) features the pleats facing away from the fly or zipper area of the trouser. The forward pleat places the pleats towards the fly area of the trouser.
The forward pleat provides a more elegant or polished look to the wearer. This style of pleat can be found on quality men’s trousers in most cases.
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