2020 January/February

Men and Depression

The opening line in Scott Peck’s “ The Road Less Traveled” says, “Life is difficult.”   The difficulties of life can produce times when we feel sad, irritable, tired, and hopeless. For many, this may result in symptoms associated with depression. The National Institute of Mental Health found that in 2017, seven percent of adults suffered with depression.…
2019 November/December

Pushing Black Homeownership One Question at a Time

By Tonya Jameson At a recent Tuesday Morning Breakfast, a weekly community meeting, Winston Robinson stood up during the Q&A and asked the question. It’s the question he often asks: Do you have a specific agenda for Black people to create a more equitable Charlotte?…
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The Rundown: Things to Do Thursday, June 20 – Sunday, June 23

By Shawn D. Allison, II   What’s good family? Summer 2019 is finally here! Take a load off your shoulders and get ready for “The Rundown” because there’s lots of fun in the sun this weekend! I’ll be speaking at the “I Am My Brother’s Keeper Community Cookout” on Saturday so be sure your face is in the place!…