The Cost of Success

Eddie D. Love is an author, speaker and life coach.

By Eddie Love

Have you ever felt like your life was at a standstill? Maybe it frustrates you to see others accomplishing and acquiring everything you placed on that vision board. Yes, the same vision board that’s collecting dust somewhere! The vision board party sounded like a great idea until the gossip got juicy and the Moscato started kicking in…Right? One of the key lessons I’ve learned along my life journey is that success comes with a hefty price! I’m going to give you 4 tips that anyone can use to determine the price of success.

Define Success

Just as your personality is something that uniquely identifies you from the next person, your definition of success should do the same. It doesn’t matter how anxious your parents seem about the thought of you becoming a doctor or school teacher! What should matters is how often and how quickly you’re able to do or become whatever it is that you’re most passionate about!

Don’t Waste Time

Make the most of every second, minute, hour, day, week, month, and year of your life. There’s a big difference between being busy and being productive. Busy allows you to pass the time but productive results in benefits from time invested. While everyone else is sleeping and taking plays off, you should be working and crafting a master plan for success. There will always be time to play and have fun and you must lay a stable foundation if you prefer this option over hard work!

Write Down Your Goals

Thoughts about success can become overwhelming and the best way to organize your ideas is to get them onto paper. Writing down goals allows them to become physical and the power associated with being able to see the goals visually and mentally increases the likelihood of achieving success in life.

Start Chopping

The only way to chop down a tree is to give it one swing at a time! Achieving success in life works the exact same way. Try to accept individual bites of success and be sure to celebrate the small victories along the way!

The main take away from this article should be that success may cost you time, energy, fun, freedom, and maybe even your life depending on how great the cause! The simple equation for success has been laid out, now… what price are you willing to pay for it? If you’re prepared to make the necessary sacrifices, you can live your life without boundaries! One of my favorite success quotes is from Dorthea Brande, a well-known writer from Chicago who’s famous for saying, To guarantee success, act as if it were impossible to fail “.