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By Elizabeth Colen

Bring on the heat!  There are two types of people. The ones that love the heat and the ones that retreat from the heat. Which one are you? Well, either way summer is here and it’s time to get out and play but be smart about it.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when you are out in the sun for fun.

  1. Listen to your body. If you feel dizzy, have a sticky or dry mouth, headache, muscle cramps you may be dehydrated. If that happens drink at least 10 glasses of water to replace the fluid you lost and stay hydrated.

2. Hydrated – keep a drink with you. A water bottle works or if you are working out longer than an hour you may want to grab a sports drink to replace those electrolytes you lost. I know it is tempting to grab an ice-cold drink, but beware ice cold drinks can cause stomach cramps (the blood vessels in the stomach constrict) but cool drinks absorb faster.

3. Protect your skin – Don’t leave out the door without sunscreen. I don’t care what color you are. All skin needs to be protected, light, dark and in between. Sunscreen with 30 SPF protects 97% of UVA and 15 SPF protects 93%, so you don’t have to pay extra for that SPF 50, nothing protects 100%. You can add more protection by wearing a visor or hat and shades.

Get out and enjoy the sun. Don’t let the heat beat you, you beat the heat!


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