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Three Charlotte Teens Thrive in Business

Today’s youth have a new outlook on how to take control of their careers. According to a survey by the nonprofit organization Junior Achievement USA, “Over 60 percent of teens prefer starting a business over having a traditional job.” Many are even starting their businesses before the age of 18.…
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A Forensic Interviewer Uses Translation Skills to Advocate for Others

By John Burton Jr. According to a 2020 U.S. Census report, 1 in 5 residents speak a different language other thanEnglish in their household, and Spanish, Chinese, Arabic and Korean rank among the highestlanguages used. Spanish has become the most common non-English language in America, with41 million native speakers and 12 million bilingual Spanish speakers, hence, the need forlanguage interpreters in this country is great.…
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MHA Creates More Access to Mental Health Care

By Brenda Porter-Rockwell Walk into the office suite on Charlotte’s Latrobe Drive and you’re greeted with large windows, comfy seating and soothing wall colors. While this could be the setup for any business, Mental Health America of Central Carolinas (MHA) wants visitors to feel like they’re being enveloped in a caring and welcoming environment to deal with mental health matters.…