3 Ways to Positively Impact Your Life

Eddie D. Love is an author, speaker and life coach.

Eddie_1By Eddie D. Love

Remember the R&B group Midnight Star? They had a string of hits in the 80’s, one of them being “Midas touch.” I was a young boy when I first heard the song on the radio. I remember thinking, who the heck is Midas and how can he turn something into gold by touching it? Today, I know the meaning of Midnight Star’s lyrics and I’m sure you can think of someone that seems to enjoy success at everything they do. Here are three things you can do to immediately impact your life in a positive way.

Purge Your Contacts

Let go of all the toxic relationships. There are names and phone numbers in your contact list that don’t deserve to be there anymore. It’s time to let the past be the past and focus on your current situation.

Turn off the TV

Limiting your television consumption is going to be key if you plan to achieve more success in life. With all the negative news stories, bad sitcoms, and reality TV, there’s not enough room for positive programing. I recommend substituting TV time with a nice walk in the park or maybe a good book and a blanket.

Find a Cause

One of the most fulfilling ways to positively impact your life is to help those in need. America is one of the richest countries in the world today, yet over 45 million people are living in poverty. In addition to poverty, there are several groups that advocate for cancer research and other serious illnesses that are in need of volunteers. Find a local charity or nonprofit organization to support and watch the stars begin to align in your favor.

I can’t promise that you’ll have the Midas touch after reading this, but I’m certain you’ll feel better about creating the future you’ve always dreamed of.

Eddie D. Love is an author, speaker and life coach.