Pandemic! What to Do?

By Robin Fonsha

Robin Fonsha

We are in the midst of a very tumultuous time. In our lifetime, we’ve not seen or experienced anything like the spread of this Coronavirus. It’s no wonder we are not sure what to do! Well, the first thing to NOT do is panic or overreact. Let’s walk through this calmly, together.

  1. Stay informed, but maintain a balance. As a constant wave of new information is pushed out, educate yourself. There is no shortage of misinformation being rapidly spread, so engage your common sense and follow your gut. Focus on what pertains to you and your situation, then leave the rest.
  2. Follow the recommendations of the medical professionals. Washing your hands and disinfecting surfaces is the most frequently offered guidance. These routine practices, and keeping hands from your face and mouth, is advised to help reduce your risk of contracting this or any other virus. Keep plenty of hand soap and clean towels at the ready.
  3. Enjoy the downtime. It looks like we’ll be in a holding pattern for a minute. Take advantage by completing forgotten projects, engaging those you are hunkered down with or indulging in your favorite variety of self-care. These activities will help distract you from the unnecessary noise, as well as provide you with something to feel good about.

This could be the perfect opportunity to reevaluate what’s important about your beautiful life. Capitalize on this moment of chaos. Make your own magic. Find the lemons in this lesson and make lasting lemonade.

Robin Fonsha Bradford Joiner is a Certified Personal Development Coach, specializing in the healing of women through personal development and spiritual growth coaching. Connect with Robin Fonsha on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (RobinFonsha), and